Small BudBox Pro Grow Tent (75cm x 75cm x 100cm)

Small BudBox Pro Grow Tent (75cm x 75cm x 100cm)

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Small BudBox Pro Grow Tent (75cm x 75cm x 100cm)

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Propagating? Kickstart growth in a Small BudBox Pro Grow Tent.

They’re dinky! A mere 75cm x 75cm x 100cm. That’s big enough for a large propagator, and a 2-Tube T5 Fluorescent Light.

You can’t go wrong with a BudBox build

Your poles won’t bend, buckle or snap. Your frame is locked in place with ‘push-fit’ connections.

Access is easy - this model features 2 front doors and a viewing window. You also get a total of 4 vents.

All of this, and your tent's 100% lightproof…even the viewing window has a green light filter. 

• 75cm x 75cm x 100cm
• Space for large propagator & 2-Tube T5 Fluorescent Light
• White reflective interior
• 100% lightproof design
• Large viewing window with green light filter
• Secure ‘push & click’ frame connections
• Steel poles and corner pieces

• Strong door clips
• Heavy duty zips – they won’t jam up
Frame-free central floor space
• 2 x large front doors
• 1 x 125mm extraction ports
• 1 x 125mm air cooled lighting socks
• 2 x 100mm ports for wiring & electrics

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Q & A

Questions and Answers (5)

Could you fit two or three plants in this tent all the way up to harvest?
There may be some plants where this is possible, but the small BudBox Tent is generally used for propagation and vegetative growth only. We would advise using the intermediate tent as a bare minimum for most fruiting/flowering plants.

Written by Hugh | 13 Apr 2012

Do i need an extraction fan? is it essential or could i grow good crops with just cheap tent & light?
You would notice a significant difference if you used an extractor fan, as air exchange is very important to the performance of your plants.

Written by JH | 15 Nov 2011

Is this tent compatible with CFL Hobby Reflector and the RVK100A1 Budget Extraction/Filtration Kit 1?
You would be able to use a CFL hobby reflector & small extraction system with this tent.

Written by HM | 9 Oct 2011