Intermediate BudBox Pro Grow Tent (75cm x 75cm x 160cm)

Intermediate BudBox Pro Grow Tent (75cm x 75cm x 160cm)

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Intermediate BudBox Pro Grow Tent (75cm x 75cm x 160cm)

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Covering the same amount of floor space as our other propagation tents, the Intermediate BudBox aims to satisfy people that have restricted headroom but still want to manage a two-tier propagation set up or grow 1-2 small plants all the way through to maturity. This sleek, stylishly crafted tent fills the void between the small and medium sized models, comfortably storing a large propagator and a CFL Hobby Reflector + Eco-Light with room to spare. Also includes the handy vents, holes and ports for which BudBox are renowned!

External dimensions of this tent are as follows: 75cm (width), 75cm (depth) and 160cm (height).
Intake vent dimensions: 125mm (2 vents)
Extraction vent dimensions: 125mm (1 vent)

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Q & A

Questions and Answers (4)

could i have a intake and extraction system with this tent
You can use an intake & Extraction system with this tent. I would only advise using a 250W lighting system, you will have problems with heat if you use a bigger light due to the height of the tent. You can use extraction kit 1, with a 100mm tent intake fan for a 250W setup.

Written by sham | 29 Aug 2013

What size nft system would be best used in this size tent and how many nft systems would fit
You would get 1 NFT Gro-Tank 205GTi in this tent, in which you could grow 4 plants to maturity.

Written by Vito | 30 Jun 2013

if you ran 250w in a intermediate bud box would you really need an extraction fan
I would advise using an extraction fan with a 250W light system in this tent because of the limited headroom available.

Written by paul | 28 Nov 2012