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Prima Klima Dual Speed Extractor Fans

SKU# G434

If you need less extraction during the winter than the summer or have a grow room located nearby to sleeping quarters and want to minimise air noise at the flick of a switch, you're in luck! Each unit from this innovative range of Prima Klima extractor fans features a pair of separate windings that enables you to go between two different running speeds depending on your requirements. Although the level of control on offer is not quite up to the standard of a GSE Fan Controller, you still get a great deal of flexibility in your extraction activities and for a very cost-effective price! Prima Klima Dual Speed Extractor Fans come supplied withn a pre-wired mains lead, a wall mounting bracket and two plastic spigots that give you the option of reducing the outlet diameter when using the lower speed setting.

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Code Price Qty
1947 100mm (4 inch) PK100 Dual Speed Extractor Fan (160/300m3/hour) - CF160 required
3345 125mm (5 inch) PK125 Dual Speed Extractor Fan (230/360m3/hour) - CF240 required
3343 150mm (6 inch) PK150 Dual Speed Extractor Fan (420/760m3/hour) - CF680 required

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Use our chart below to pick out the correct fan for you based on light usage:

Power Usage x1 Lamp x2 Lamps x3 Lamps x4 Lamps
250w Extract
PK100 PK100 PK125
250w  Intake Vents Vents
400w  Extract PK100
400w  Intake Vents
600w  Extract PK125
PK150 (hs)
PK200 (hs)
600w  Intake PK100 PK125
PK150 (ls)
PK150 (ls)
1000w  Extract PK125 PK150 (hs)
PK200 (hs)
2 x PK150 (hs)
1000w  Intake PK100
PK125 (hs)
PK150 (hs)
PK150 (hs)

hs: High Speed Setting

ls: Low Speed Setting

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Questions and Answers (1)

Can I use a fan controller with the PK duel speed fans to keep my temps at a constant or will it mess about as it's duel speed ? And if it does mess about can I override it ?(the fan)
You can use a fan speed control rig with these fans. The fans have 2 separate windings for the different speed settings, which will both be OK to use with a speed controller.

Written by Rob | 5 Aug 2012

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