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Plant Health

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  1. Plagron Phyt-Amin

    Plagron Phyt-Amin

    Starting at: £4.45

    From start to finish there are certain hormones your plants just shouldn't go without - Phyt-Amin is here and it promises to deliver the goods! The foliar spray supplies a whole host of essential elements in a readily available form, increasing chlorophyll content to boost sugar levels, resistance, fruit quality and more!
  2. Vita Link Bio-Plus

    Vita Link Bio-Plus

    Starting at: £16.95

    A growth and flowering booster containing natural plant hormones, vitamins and co-factors that produce prolific rooting, leading to superior all round growth. It combats stress caused by cloning and transplanting, and also consists of natural beneficial bacteria and fungi to help protect delicate root systems against disease.
  3. B'cuzz Booster

    B'cuzz Booster

    Starting at: £19.95

    One of the only problems associated with hydroponics is that your chosen medium will inevitably contain none of the natural enhancing agents found in soil. Adding B’cuzz Booster to feeds lets you fill this void, and trust us when we say it really does improve plant performance. The huge number of micro-nutrients, beneficial bacteria and amino acids present help trigger important plant functions leading to a better developed rootzone, increased amounts of foliage and improved conversion of food into energy. Available in universal (hydro) and coco specific formulations.
  4. Vita Link Bio-Pac

    Vita Link Bio-Pac

    Starting at: £11.95

    Bio-Pac is a top quality bio-stimulant that activates and accelerates the growth process. It contains a huge range of beneficial organisms including (amongst other things) humates, cold water pressed kelp, amino acids, carbohydrates, essential B vitamins, vitamin K as well as nitrogen fixing, phosphorous solubilising and growth promoting bacteria. In practical terms these help to enhance root biomass (quite dramatically!), increase efficiency of nutrient uptake, increase yield and increase stress resistance. Once colonised by Bio-Pac, plant rootzones will be healthier and more efficient - and so long as you keep reapplying the product, safe from Pythium. The microbes in Bio-Pac if kept at a high enough level will prevent Pythium from taking hold whilst also giving your plants an overall boost. A fantastic product.
  5. House & Garden Amino Treatment

    House & Garden Amino Treatment

    Starting at: £79.95

    Amino Acids are the basis for almost every plant process and structure, the vital building blocks that create growth and trigger important reactions. Amino Treatment from House and Garden lets you physically add these essential building blocks to any hydro, coco or soil feeding program for many benefits in both the vegetative and flowering stages. Plants become stronger and healthier through the more effective movement of nutrients in and around key areas, the much-improved rates of photosynthesis, the increased root activity and the greater resistance against pests and diseases – ultimately leading to production of larger fruits and flowers with significantly boosted sugar levels!
  6. HALO Foliar Plant Feed

    HALO Foliar Plant Feed

    Starting at: £7.95

    As revolutionary as it is legendary, HALO remains one of the most prolific boosters we've ever encountered. By stimulating and strengthening your plants natural defence systems, this pioneering foliar feed promotes radical growth and enhanced resistance to disease. It actually increases the rate of photosynthesis (the equivalent of having more lights!) leading to higher yields and increased biomass. Based around Harpin Protein - a widely used commercial application, this remains the first and only product to take full advantage of the technology in the UK. Trust us when we say HALO will not leave you disappointed! Words really can't do this product justice - you simply HAVE to try it! Available in either a cost effective 100g tub or 5 x soluble sachets suited to smaller applications (each making 750mls of spraying solution). Apply 2-5 times throughout your grow for maximum effect.

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