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    As revolutionary as it is legendary, HALO remains one of the most prolific boosters we've ever encountered. By stimulating and strengthening your plants natural defence systems, this pioneering foliar feed promotes radical growth and enhanced resistance to disease. It actually increases the rate of photosynthesis (the equivalent of having more lights!) leading to higher yields and increased biomass. Based around Harpin Protein - a widely used commercial application, this remains the first and only product to take full advantage of the technology in the UK. Trust us when we say HALO will not leave you disappointed! Words really can't do this product justice - you simply HAVE to try it! Available in either a cost effective 100g tub or 5 x soluble sachets suited to smaller applications (each making 750mls of spraying solution). Apply 2-5 times throughout your grow for maximum effect.

    The manufacturer's recommended dilution rates are as follows (per litre of water):

    Cutting/Seedling: N/A
    Vegetative Stage: 2.5g/500mls
    Flowering Stage: 2.5g/500mls

    For a more comprehensive guide on the advised application rates of this product, give us a call on 0333 003 22 96.

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  2. from £44.95

    For strong, healthy, white roots in soil and hydro systems, get a bottle of Healthy Root today! You can safely use it throughout your grow.

    It uses a 100% natural bacteria to restore the microbial balance and boost nutrient availability.

    Better yet, it helps create conditions that are unfavourable for fungi, giving your plants the chance to recover and grow fresh roots.  Beneficial bacteria will not be harmed, and your soil will not be sterilised.

    You can use it to help prevent & fight bacterial and fungal root infections that cause root rot (Pythium).

    100% natural product, great for organic growers
    • Aims to restore microbial balance in root zone
    • Helps prevent & control root diseases, like Pythium
    • Helps make conditions unfavourable for fungi
    Does not harm your root zone or beneficial bacteria
    • Safe to use throughout your growing cycle
    • Excellent in soil, hydro systems and for pre-soaking rockwool cubes

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  3. from £2.95

    Hydroponic grower?

    For a sterile, disease free tank and healthy plant roots, use Oxy-Plus!

    When added to your tank, it releases oxygen.

    The extra oxygen prevents and treats root diseases - oxygen atoms attack viruses and fungal spores.

    It also enhances nutrient uptake - leading to faster growing, healthier plants.

    Use it to sterilise your system between crops (at higher concentrations), too. 

    Oxy-Plus, aka Liquid Oxygen (11.5%)
    • Adds extra ions of pure oxygen to the nutrient tank
    Combats root diseases and pathogens like Pythium
    Increases nutrient uptake – thus enhancing growth rates
    • Use to sterilise hydroponic systems and clean equipment

    Choose your Size:

    • Oxy-Plus (11.5%) - 250ml
    • Oxy-Plus (11.5%) – 1 Litre
    • Oxy-Plus (11.5%) – 5 Litre

    Note: The 5 litre bottle cannot be purchased online or via mail order, but it’s available to buy in store.

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  4. from £8.95

    A fantastic stress reliever from the USA. SuperThrive is a vitamin-hormone liquid concentrate. Effective when transplanting or any time plants are suffering. Also acts as a booster for super healthy plants and blooms. Add to your nutrient solution at the rate of 1 drop per 4 litres. Used by growers the world over for more than 40 years, SuperThrive is a well known and proven product.

    The manufacturer's recommended dilution rates are as follows:

    Cutting/Seedling: 1-2 drops per 4 litre
    Vegetative Stage: 1-2 drops per 4 litre
    Flowering Stage: 1-2 drops per 4 litre

    For a more comprehensive guide on the advised application rates of this product, give us a call on 0333 003 22 96.

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  5. from £21.95

    Mykos is a natural root promoter containing a specific beneficial fungus  that forms a powerful symbiotic relationship with the plant roots. This increases the availability of nutrients and moisture for enhanced growth whilst also dramatically improving root growth and plant health.

    Designed for use during propagation or transplanting, you simply place a single Root Pak underneath the transplant cube, plug or root ball supporting each of your plants. The roots will then grow through this to be colonized by the organic Mychorrhizal fungi. Mykos is also available as free flowing granules and works exactly the same way as the Mykos Paks but better suits soil and coco set ups – just sprinkle 1-2 teaspoons onto the bare roots and into the planting hole to achieve the desired effect.

    Creation of a secondary root structure resulting from the application of Mykos leads to better water uptake, increased surface area for nutrient absorption, more efficient use of the growing media and increased resistance to root disease and drought. Highly recommended for hydroponics, coco and soil.

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  6. from £5.95

    Build plant defences with SHOGUN Silicon. It toughens cell walls, giving your plants a much stronger structure.

    Your plants become stronger, with thicker stems and robust branches that can support bigger yields and heavier fruits.

    On top of this, you’ll be shielding plants against pests & diseases. They’ll be better able to cope with heat & stress, too!

    You won’t have to tweak your pH as often – SHOGUN Silicon buffers pH fluctuations.

    It’s already low cost – with the exceptional dilution rate of 1ml per Litre, you can’t go wrong! Try SHOGUN Silicon today!

    • Strengthen cell walls & toughen plant structure
    Shield plants against heat & stress!
    • Support bigger yields & heavier fruits
    • Boost resistance to pests and diseases
    Reduce transpiration (lose less water through leaves)
    Stablizise pH fluctuations of your feed
    Boost CO2 absorption, chlorophyll production & photosynthesis
    • Designed for easy absorption
    • Incredible investment – low cost + fantastic dilution rate
    • Most concentrated silicon booster on the market!
    • Fantastic for all stages of growth (until flowering)
    • Exceptional results in all growing media and all growing systems
    Favourite for hydro growers

    SHOGUN Silicon is truly fantastic. It’s based on years of research and is the most concentrated Silicon based feed on the market today. Other brands can’t compete! Invest in the best – try SHOGUN Silicon today.

    Find out more about SHOGUN Silicon - check out our article - Food For Thought: Silicon Enhancements.

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  7. from £24.95

    Hygrozyme is a genuine innovation in enzyme based products that breaks down old root mass to allow for and stimulate new growth. Manufactured in an entirely unique way, Hygrozyme offers growers a number of advantages over competing products. Completely free of bacteria, it has a virtually unlimited shelf life and carries no risk of introducing living bacteria into your system.

    The manufacturer's recommended dilution rates are as follows (per litre of water):

    Cutting/Seedling: 1.5mls
    Vegetative Stage: 2-2.5mls
    Flowering Stage: 2-2.5mls

    For a more comprehensive guide on the advised application rates of this product, give us a call on 0333 003 22 96.

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  8. from £5.95

    Find out why everyone’s raving about Ecothrive Charge.

    It’s a 100% organic, soil and coco enhancer, made entirely from the droppings of organically reared beetles. It’s Soil Association approved for use in growing organic crops.

    It’s bursting with beneficial bacteria (450m units per gram!), and contains chitin, to boost resistance to pests and diseases.

    You’ll see surges in growth, robust roots and vigorously high yielding plants.

    It's fast-acting and easy to apply, thanks to its sandy texture.

    - Fantastic dilution rate (1 litre of Ecothrive per 50 litre bag of coco or soil)
    - Fantastic balance of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium (NPK – 3/2/3 )
    - Boosts and prolongs fertility of potting mix
    - Leads to vigorously high yielding plants - stimulates robust plant growth
    - Immensely improves root zone conditions
    - Boosts resistance to pests, diseases and fungus (contains chitin)
    - 100% organic (Soil Association Approved!)
    - Packed with microorganisms, micronutrients & rhizosphere bacteria
    - Rapid results & easy to apply (thanks to sandy texture)
    - Increases nutrient availability and cycling
    - Can be used as a growth boosting foliar spray (mix with water first)
    - Available in 1 Litre, 5 Litre & 10 Litre tubs

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  9. from £10.95

    Push plant growth and create a healthy, biologically balanced root zone with Biosys – the instant microbe tea.

    It’s not just a mish-mash of microbes. It’s a unique blend of beneficial bacteria, fungi and the biological catalysts that activate and sustain them (humic acids, amino acids & more).

    It’s just what you need to build plant defences, ward off pathogens and boost nutrient & water uptake.

    To really push growth, Biosys can make locked up minerals more available to your plants (like phosphorus). It also uses the bacteria that takes nitrogen from the air and make it into a form your plants can use!

    As well as improving nutrient availability, the clever microbes in Biosys also produce substances that improve plant growth!

    Whatever your growing method, use Biosys and you’ll get bigger, healthier plants with robust roots and enhanced natural defences. It’s great for stress recovery too!

    It’s easy and quick to mix and use. No brewing’s needed and all catalysts are water soluble - just add to water and apply – it’s that simple!

    For best results, start using it during propagation, then apply every 1 -2 weeks (indoors) or 4 weeks (outdoors).

    Easy, instant alternative to aerated compost tea!
    No brewing needed + simple to mix + ready to apply straight away!
    Enriches root zone with a diverse mix of micro-organisms
    Stimulates rooting of cuttings
    Improves growth, nutrient uptake & water absorption (endo mycorrhizae & related microbes present)
    Builds plant defences (contains Bacillus species)
    Wards off pathogens (colonises root zone with Trichoderma!)
    • Helps plants recover from stress – apply twice with a 5 day gap
    Excellent value - highly concentrated
    • Superb for all growing mediums & growing methods


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