Natural Spider Mite, Thrip and Sciarid Fly Predators

Natural Spider Mite, Thrip and Sciarid Fly Predators

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Spider Mite Predators x 1000

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Spider Mite Predators x 2000

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Thrip Predators x 300

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Sciarid Fly Predators x 50 million

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Natural Predators are living insects that eat pests until none remain, at which point they themselves die. Many growers choose to use this option as a preventative measure, since the predators do not harm your plants. Due to the nature of Spider Mite Predators (i.e. that they are living organisms, only delivered to us on Tuesdays and sold on a 'first come, first served' basis), we are unable to guarantee next day delivery. Please give us a call on 0333 003 22 96 for the latest update on stock levels and delivery times. We can also order in Thrip Predators and Sciarid Fly Predators on request.

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Hello, i was just looking for some more detail on the spider mite predators. I was just looking for their latin names so i know which predator mite these would be so i know good climate conditions for them etc. thank you and take care.
The Spidermite Predators are Phytoseiulus Persimmilis, they need at least 16 hours of light or they will hibernate

Written by Alsmoo | 16 Mar 2013