Horti-Shield Yellow Sticky Insect Traps

Horti-Shield Yellow Sticky Insect Traps

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Horti-Shield Yellow Sticky Insect Traps

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When used over the course of a full crop cycle Horti-shield Sticky Insect Traps will let you quickly detect if there is a sudden breakout of bugs in your indoor growing environment. You can then act accordingly to protect your plants from further threats!

The product features a bright yellow design and a double-sided, non-transferable coating of strong glue that attracts and captures invading insects without posing any risks to you or your plants. Quick and easy to set up, you also get convenient hangers to suspend the traps from grow tent poles, plant branches and pot tops.

Horti-shield Sticky Insect Traps are a low cost, effective early warning system for catching unwanted visitors like whitefly, aphids, sciarid fly, thrip and leaf miner. Replace every 6 to 8 weeks to avoid being caught out by a full-blown infestation.

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