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Pest Control

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  1. Fungus Gnat Off

    Fungus Gnat Off

    Starting at: £19.95

    Fungus gnats are a very common grow room pest whose larvae can cause large amounts of damage by devouring the roots of your precious plants. This restricts the ability of your plants to effectively take in enough nutrients and water, resulting in plant health and growth being adversely affected. Fungus Gnat Off contains a range of all natural ingredients which prevent the larvae from feeding - thus eradicating your problem. Add at 1ml per litre to your nutrient solution until infestation is eradicated. One bottle will treat 250 Litres of nutrient solution.
  2. Nematodes


    Starting at: £11.95

    Nematodes are found naturally in all healthy soils and can be one of the most effective ways of combating pest problems. Quick to work, easy to apply and effective for up to 6 weeks, this fantastic treatment will destroy a wide range of indoor and outdoor bugs including Sciarid Fly Larvae, Thrips, Leaf Miners, Ants and Caterpillars. They are supplied in packs of 10 million that you mix into water and then either pour into the growing media or foliar feed depending on the target pest. Each pack is capable of treating up to 1000 Litres of growing media, but don’t worry - there is no risk of “over applying” if you have a smaller amount of growing media. Fully compatible with Fungus Gnat off.
  3. Spidermite Control

    Spidermite Control

    Starting at: £12.50

    Spidermite Control is a special blend of non-toxic plant extracts designed specifically for use in indoor growing environments. It will completely eradicate the spider mite and its eggs without causing any problems to either your plants or you. It's major advantage over many chemical insecticides - which mites can become immune to - is that it kills pests every time by interfering with their mode of respiration. One 100ml bottle makes up four litres of full strength spraying solution.

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