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VitaLink Turbo

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VitaLink Turbo - 250mls

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VitaLink Turbo - 1 Litre

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Bulk up the size & weight of plants and flowers - let VitaLink Turbo do its thing.

It's a clever mix of potent plant hormones (brassinosteroids) which are known to ramp up growth. They're basically steroids for your plants - helping them to pack on the pounds & focus more energy on growth. 

Turbo's also packed with L-amino acids, which are key building blocks for plant proteins.

Strangely, Turbo's mix was first designed to help plants recover from stress sooner. But the plants that were treated with it outperformed others in the group - like comic book heroes

Expect to see surges in growth, and a rapid increase in the size and weight of flowers. Your plants will also be faster to recover from pest, disease & environmental damage.

Bigger, heavier flowers when used in flowering
Plant weight increases during vegetative growth
• Packed with brassinosteroids - which are steroids for your plants!
Teeming with with L-amino acids, the building blocks of protein
Protect plants against pest, disease & environmental damage
• To be used alongside your base feed
• Use halfway through the vegetative phase until week 8 of flowering
• Dilution rate: 1ml/L

The Science

VitaLink Turbo works in three ways:

1. It gives plants the building blocks for proteins

Proteins are key to plant growth. VitaLink Turbo contains L –amino acids – they’re left handed amino acids and are the building blocks for protein in plants.

2. It enables plants to redirect their energy to growth

VitaLink Turbo contains Brassinosteroids. There are potent plant hormones that tell plants where to focus their energy. They're basically steroids for your plants, leading to an increase in the size and weight of flowers. In VitaLink Turbo, Brassinosteroids are the main ingredient contributing to the rapid increase in size and weight.

2. Strengthens plants, helping them recover from environmental, pest & disease damage

Turbo's formula was actually formulated to help plants recover from damage caused by their environment, pests & diseases. However, plants treated with the formula actually outperformed plants as well. 

How to Use

Dilution rate: 1ml/L

When to Use

VitaLink Turbo should be used alongside your base nutrients and additives.

Start using it halfway through the vegetative phase until week 8 flowering.

If vegetative growth is for four weeks, use VitaLink Turbo from the start of week 3.


Q & A

Questions and Answers (1)

Hello...May I Ask?Would You Use This Product Instead Of Sumo Boost & Samurai PK Warrior In A Hydro System? Or Can It Be Used Alongside The Aforementioned Products?
You would use this as an alternative to Sumo Boost, you should still use the PK Warrior alongside the Vita Link Turbo.

Written by Jack | 11 May 2016