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Enyzmes & Beneficials

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  1. Xtreme Gardening Mykos Root Inoculant

    Xtreme Gardening Mykos Root Inoculant

    Starting at: £21.95

    Mykos is a natural root promoter containing a specific beneficial fungus  that forms a powerful symbiotic relationship with the plant roots. This increases the availability of nutrients and moisture for enhanced growth whilst also dramatically improving root growth and plant health.

    Designed for use during propagation or transplanting, you simply place a single Root Pak underneath the transplant cube, plug or root ball supporting each of your plants. The roots will then grow through this to be colonized by the organic Mychorrhizal fungi. Mykos is also available as free flowing granules and works exactly the same way as the Mykos Paks but better suits soil and coco set ups – just sprinkle 1-2 teaspoons onto the bare roots and into the planting hole to achieve the desired effect.

    Creation of a secondary root structure resulting from the application of Mykos leads to better water uptake, increased surface area for nutrient absorption, more efficient use of the growing media and increased resistance to root disease and drought. Highly recommended for hydroponics, coco and soil.

  2. Ecothrive Charge

    Ecothrive Charge

    Starting at: £5.95

    Ecothrive Charge is a certified 100% organic enhancer for soil and coco-grown plants that produces a wide range of highly desirable biological benefits.

    Composed entirely from the droppings of organically reared beetles, this easy to apply premium grade ‘insect frass’ wastes no time making an impact thanks to hard-working microorganisms and natural plant growth catalysts. The sand-like product will significantly boost and prolong the fertility of your potting mix, adding a fantastic balance of long-lasting primary nutrients (NPK ratio of 3/2/3) in a very plant-accessible form.

    By promoting a healthy biological presence throughout the growing media, Ecothrive Charge promises to improve nutrient cycling and availability as well as root development. The naturally occurring activators of your plants’ immune response also elevates the defense system so it becomes stronger and more resilient against bacterial and fungal disease. All these advantages combine to actively push overall growth, boost root zone conditions and create vigorous high yielding plants!

  3. AkTRIvator Trichoderma

    AkTRIvator Trichoderma

    Starting at: £11.95

    Apply just once to recently rooted cuttings to form a protective layer of 'friendly' fungi around the roots of your plants. These beneficial organisms colonise and grow with the roots providing life long protection against more dangerous pathogens including pythium. AkTRIvator is a popular product with commercial growers who use it as 'cheap insurance'. Treats 300 plants.

  4. Vita Link Bio-Pac

    Vita Link Bio-Pac

    Starting at: £11.95

    Bio-Pac is a top quality bio-stimulant that activates and accelerates the growth process. It contains a huge range of beneficial organisms including (amongst other things) humates, cold water pressed kelp, amino acids, carbohydrates, essential B vitamins and vitamin K as well as nitrogen fixing, phosphorous solubilising and growth promoting bacteria. In practical terms these help to enhance root biomass (quite dramatically!), increase efficiency of nutrient uptake, increase yield and increase stress resistance. Once colonised by Bio-Pac, plant rootzones will be healthier and more efficient - and so long as you keep reapplying the product, safe from Pythium. The microbes in Bio-Pac if kept at a high enough level will prevent Pythium from taking hold whilst also giving your plants an overall boost. A fantastic product.

    The manufacturer's recommended dilution rates are as follows (per litre of water):

    Product Cutting/Seedling Vegetative Stage Flowering Stage
    Vita Link Bio-Pac
    0.3mls 0.3mls

    For a more comprehensive guide on the advised application rates of this product, check out our feed chart (see "Related Product Information" underneath the main product image).

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