LightRail 4.0 - Linear Light Mover

LightRail 4.0 - Linear Light Mover

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LightRail 4.0 Smart Drive Complete Kit

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LightRail 4.0 Add-A-Lamp Kit


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Save energy, cut costs and increase your effective growing area by up to 60% with the LightRail 4.0! This clever contraption moves your light back and forth along a 1.8 metre track stopping at customisable intervals to ensure that you get even light distribution and closer light hanging positions above your plants. On top of that the LightRail 4.0 is easy to install, cheap to run (only uses 5 watts of electricity) and able to carry a 20kg load. Brilliant!

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To prevent your reflector from spinning and utilise the LightRail 4.0 to maximum effect we highly recommend investing in a Robo-Stik - see below for the related items to find out why! We also offer the Add-A-Lamp package, which lets you run an additional light end-to-end using your existing LightRail 4.0.

Q & A

Questions and Answers (4)

would it be possible to use a light rail with an air cooled lighting system? if so, how? if not, why not...apart from ducting issues?
I would not recommend using an air cooled lighting system with a light rail, as the light rail would struggle to support the weight of the reflector & fan. The other problem would be that the ducting would sag & potentially damage your plants.

Written by warren | 30 Oct 2012

How much does this unit weigh?
The motor unit weighs around 2KG, it will support reflectors up to 20KGs.

Written by Michael | 16 Aug 2011

how noisy or quiet is the light rail when in operation please.
The Light rail motor unit is very quiet, it will produce a slight hum in operation.

Written by john | 15 Aug 2011


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