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The Klimavator is a great bit of custom designed GroWell kit. Combining a fan speed controller and thermostat, it's like having a dimmer switch for your fans with a built in temperature override. This is especially useful in the winter months as you can set your fans to 'turn over' at lower idling speeds, limiting the amount of cold air coming into your grow room. Your plants are always able to get a healthy supply of fresh air, with the adjustable thermostat ensuring that if things get too hot then your fans will 'kick in' at full speed and reduce grow room temperatures. The Klimavator can run both intake and exhaust fans but is not recommended for use with Acoustic Fans.

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Questions and Answers (6)

Could this be used with an air cooled light setup, if the sensing probe was in the grow room
It is possible to use a Klimavator in this way. I would recommend placing the temperature probe around the bottom of your plants in the shade.

Written by woz | 20 Oct 2012

why is the controller not recommend for acoustic fans?
It is down to the capacity of the controller in terms of the amps drawn by the fan. The acoustic fans draw relatively high amps and the resistors and fuses in the KlimaVator unit can fail at these levels. For controlling acoustic fans we recommend the fan speed voltage controllers which have much higher amp ratings.

Written by steve | 31 Aug 2012

I have 2 6inch L1 extractor fans. Will this handle both of them?
The Klimavator will run both of these fans, the maximum combination is 1 RVK315 A1 & 1 RVK250 L1

Written by DL | 14 Sep 2011

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