Multi-Duct Growing Systems

Multi-Duct Growing Systems

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6ft Single Channel Multi-Duct System

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6ft Double Channel Multi-Duct System

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Got a long growing area but not much headroom? Use all your space and save height with a Multi-Duct System.

They work like our NFT Gro-Tanks – they’re just as low level but have 6ft long planting channels.

  • Save height (systems just 40cm tall!)
  • NFT growing method (nutrient film technique)
  • 6ft long planting channels (8ft systems available in store)

What's NFT?

NFT is short for Nutrient Film Technique.

It’s where a thin stream oxygen-rich nutrient solution constantly travels over bare plant roots 24/7.

Roots get almost unrestricted access to oxygen, water & nutrients. Growth is incredible! You get bigger, healthier growing plants that produce a heavier yield.

It’s no wonder commercial growers worldwide go NFT!



Save Headroom

Systems are only 40cm high so plants sit close to ground. They're perfect if you've got a low ceiling tent.

Systems Run 24/7

Feed is pumped over roots 24/7 so you don't have to time feeds.

Maximum growth

Plants get unlimited access to nutrients & water to boost growth. To increase uptake, feed is highly oxygenated.

Strong, Healthy Roots

Thanks to a highly oxygenated rootzone.

Easy to Manage

Hardly any media is needed and systems recirculate feed 24/7 so you don’t have to set a feeding schedule.

Low Waste

There's no media to throw a way - just rockwool blocks! Unused feed is recirculated back round.

No Nutrient Build Ups

Since there's no media, you don't get nutrient build ups. Feed is contantly moving & mixing so all plants get the right nutrient profile.

How to Use

  • Establish plants in 3 - 4" rockwool blocks.
  • Transplant to your NFT system when roots start poking out 
  • Line the grooves in your rockwool blocks up with the flow of water
  • Roots will then grow directly into the stream of water! 
  • If using spreader mats, place a single layer inside each channel, directly underneath rockwool blocks.

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