13mm Pipe LDPE

13mm Pipe LDPE

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Pipe LDPE 13mm - per metre

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We have 2 ranges of pipe - Hard (LDPE) or Flexi-Pipe. For most applications growers tend to use 13mm pipe and fittings - that's why the majority of our pumps have 13mm outlets. If you want a larger pump but still want to stick with the 13mm pipework you can always buy a 19mm-13mm reducer.

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im useing waterfarm drip system i want to know how many times to water in vegative stage and bloom stage
We would recommend keeping the pump constantly on when the light is on.

Written by kevin | 23 Oct 2011

Hi, is the flexi pipe made of PVC? I am looking for 13mm non pvc pipe. Thanks.
Our 13mm flexi pipe is made from PVC, the IWS pipe is made from food grade PVC.

Written by DH | 6 Sep 2011

hi can you tell me if the 13mm flexi pipe is flexible enough to bend 90 degrees or will a bend need to be fitted?
We would recommend using a 13mm elbow for this, you could bend the pipe, but it would severely restrict the flow.

Written by GB | 11 Aug 2011