IWS R-DWC PRO Systems (Recirculating & Dumpback)

IWS R-DWC PRO Systems (Recirculating & Dumpback)

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4 Pot IWS R-DWC with Timer and 100L FlexiTank

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8 Pot IWS R-DWC with Timer and 250L FlexiTank

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12 Pot IWS R-DWC with Timer and 250L FlexiTank

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16 Pot IWS R-DWC with Timer and 400L FlexiTank

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20 Pot IWS R-DWC with Timer and 400L FlexiTank

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24 Pot IWS R-DWC with Timer and 750L FlexiTank

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Want extreme & uniform growth in a system that's easy to manage? You need a Recirculating & Dumpback R-DWC System.

  • Uses 19L Oxypots
  • DWC growing method (high oxygen, max growth!)
  • Recirculating & dumpback (stable, fresh feed)

What is it?

It's a recirculating DWC system - roots grow straight into an oxygen and nutrient rich solution that constantly travels across pots.


As it circulates, your feed mixes and cools along the way:

  • Your pH, temperature & CF stays stable 
  • Oxygen gets trapped in your feed


To keep your feed fresh, a remixing timer is included.  At set times, feed is sent back to your tank. Here, it mixes with all the feed in your tank

  • Helps to cool your nutrient
  • Keeps temperature, CF & pH stable


Bigger, faster growing plants

Plants have unlimited access to nutrients and water. And there's lots of oxygen to speed up nutrient uptake & growth!  

Healthy Roots, No Diseases

All the oxygen keeps roots healthy..bett yet, most root diseases can't thrive in an oxygen rich environment.

Stable pH, CF & Temperature

Your feed is constantly mixed! There's always the same nutrient profile in all pots. You can even rotate pots for even light exposure

Uniform growth

Feed mixes as it circulates - this keeps your pH, CF, temperature stable. At set times, your feed is mixed with fresh feed in your tank.

Quiet to run

The pump's hardly ever on and air stones won't rattle.

Easy to manage

Hardly any media's needed and you've only got one tank to manage.  

Top Tips

1. Use an as R-DWC Air Kit.

To run your system, you need airstones, airline and an air infusion pump. Save time & money - buy as R-DWC Air Kit.

2. Keep your system sterile with Silver Bullet Roots

 It kills 99.99% of root diseases and stays active in tanks for 5 weeks!

If you already use Oxy-Plus 11.9%, switch to Silver Bullet and you’ll save 55%.


Kit Contains


Each system includes:
• Brain Control Unit
• 19 Litre outer pots
• 1 Litre inner pots (net pots)
• FlexiTank
• 25mm pipework and fittings

You will also need to buy:
• An IWS R-DWC Systems Air Kit (or 1 air stone per pot + required length of air line and an air pump)

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