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Seramis - 10 Litres

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Seramis is a pH neutral clay-based growing medium consisting of small, lightweight granules that possess no nutritional value – perfect then for hydroponics! The porous nature of the material and airy structure provided by it contributes towards excellent drainage, ultimately making the over-watering of plants a thing of the past whilst also creating a growth promoting, oxygen-rich root zone. Popularly put in drip-fed systems (e.g Wilmas) and pots, either as the main medium or as a smart and presentable top surface, the highly effective and reusable Seramis represents great value for money!

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For a very basic overview of the systems Seramis will work well in as a growing media, see the table below:

NFT Systems Flood & Drain Bubbler Systems Pots


Not recommended



- Good on its own

- Better over tops of pebbles



- Good on its own

- Better over tops of pebbles


- Best to use to mix with other media



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