XXL+ BudBox Pro Grow Tent (150cm x 300cm x 200cm)

XXL+ BudBox Pro Grow Tent (150cm x 300cm x 200cm)

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XXL+ BudBox Pro Grow Tent (150cm x 300cm x 200cm)

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Growing big? The XXL+ BudBox Pro Grow Tent could be for you.

It’s just 150cm x 300cm x 200cm (L x W x H). That’s perfect for 2 x 1000W grow lights side by side (each covering a 150cm x 150cm area).

You’ll have enough space for some of our 12 pot systems in this bad boy with space to spare. Your central space is frame free so there’s nothing to get in your way.

As for the build, this tent’s solid! Your poles won’t bend, buckle or snap. Sturdy ‘push-fit’ connections lock your frame in place. When we tested a BudBox Pro tent, they took the weight a full grown man.

It’s 100% lightproof…even the viewing window has a green light filter.

Forget the Velcro fasteners - you get strong door clips and high grade zips you can just keep opening. They won’t jam up!

It’s easy to get your lights, ventilation & irrigation equipment in - there’s a total or 12 vents, 4 doors.

150cm x 300cm x 200cm (L x W x H)
• Space for some 12 pot systems
• Room for 2 x 1000W lights
White reflective interior
100% lightproof design
Large viewing window with green light filter
Steel poles and corner pieces
• Secure ‘push & click’ frame connections
Strong door clips
Heavy duty zips – they won’t jam up
Frame-free central floor space
2 x Water system vents
2 x front doors, 2 x side doors
2 x 340mm extraction vents, 2 x 275mm intake vents
2 x 340mm air cooled lighting socks
4 x 100mm ports for wiring & electrics

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