XXL+ BudBox Pro Grow Tent (150cm x 300cm x 200cm)

XXL+ BudBox Pro Grow Tent (150cm x 300cm x 200cm)

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XXL+ BudBox Pro Grow Tent (150cm x 300cm x 200cm)

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The most popular BudBox Pro Grow Tents are designed to accommodate the footprint of lights with a maximum power of 600W (1.2m x 1.2m) – but what happens if you want to use more intense 1000W lamps? Previously you’d have to buy a slightly bigger tent than necessary and accept that certain areas will receive less coverage than others. Now though, there is a much better solution!

Sitting between the XXL and Titan in terms of size, the XXL+ perfectly suits the distribution of light from two side-by-side 1000W units (each one typically fills a space of 1.5m x 1.5m). It uses high quality materials across the board, consisting of an extra tough, 100% lightproof canvas and a super sturdy, click-to-connect steel structure. Prior to being launched, tests were conducted over and over again to ensure that the product can deal with the toughest demands of daily usage - which should give you complete peace of mind! 

Like all BudBox Pro Grow Tents, this one has an amazing array of special features! These include a remarkably reflective, heat deflecting white interior surface, a convenient green viewing window for unobtrusive observations, side inspection doors that allow you to check plants quickly, heavy duty clips and zips and convenient vents, ports and access holes to accommodate ventilation, lighting and irrigation equipment. Brilliant!

External dimensions of this tent are as follows: 150cm (length), 300cm (width) and 200cm (height)
Intake vent dimensions: 275mm (2 vents)
Extraction vent dimensions: 340mm (2 vents)

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The Tech

Features per tent:

• 100% lightproof canvas
• Steel poles and corner pieces
• "Push and click" frame connections
• Side inspection doors
• Irrigation ports
• 20% bigger ventilation ports
• Air-cooled lighting socks
• Extra ventilation ports
• Green viewing window
• Support bars for lights and filters
• Strong door clips instead of Velcro
• Heavy duty zips
• Frame-free central floor space
• Water catchment tray
• Vents for the intake of fresh air

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