XXL BudBox Pro Grow Tent (120cm x 240cm x 200cm)

XXL BudBox Pro Grow Tent (120cm x 240cm x 200cm)

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XXL BudBox Pro Grow Tent (120cm x 240cm x 200cm)

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XXL BudBox Pro White Kit

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Want a light tight tent that won’t buckle or tear? Find out why growers love the XXL BudBox Pro Grow Tent.

Each BudBox is super-secure! The frame’s locked in place with ‘Push & Click’ connections. Nothing will slide out of place.

They can really hold some weight – we hung a grown man from one of them and it still didn’t bend. Even the heaviest equipment’s no match for these monsters.

Talk about easy access - these babies are kitted out with extra ports, 4 hanging bars, 4 doors and a large viewing panel.

They’re roomy, too, and your central space is frame-free! You’ll have enough room for a large growing systems – it’s ideal for a 6 Pot IWS system.

One person can assemble your tent in just a few minutes – it’s a doddle.

Option 1: Get the Tent on Its Own:

• Size: 120cm x 240cm x 200cm (height)

Option 2: Get the Complete Kit:

You don’t have to think – buy your lights, tent & extraction system in one beautiful bundle.

•  1 x XXL BudBox Pro Grow Tent
• 2 x 600 Watt BAY6 Lighting System
• 1 x RVK150A1 Eco Extraction Kit
• 1 x Two Light Timer Contactor
• 1 x Grasslin Mechanical Timer
• 1 x 5m of chain
• 10 x S-Hooks

✔ Light tight & Super-Reflective!
Your canvas is 100% light tight, and socks can be tightened around equipment. Even your viewing panel has a green light filter on it.

Reflective white interior
100% lightproof canvas
• Large viewing window with green light filter

✔ Built to Last
Your canvas won’t rip, your frame won’t buckle. Really – ours held the weight of a grown man.

• Robust metal, black powder-coated poles
Tough metal corners (25mm tempered rolled steel)
Secure ‘push & click’ frame connections
Heavy duty zips – they won’t jam up.
• Strong door clips – built to last
Flame-retardant canvas
Water catchment tray – protects tent and reflects light!

✔ Fast Inspection, Easy Access
You can get to your plants from all angles, via 2 front doors and 2 side doors.

• Front doors unzip all the way round, so you’ll never struggle
Large viewing window - check on plants without disturbing

✔ Flexible Layout
Position your equipment how you want! You get 4 hanging rails, 2 large ventilation ports.

Frame-free central space- no obstructive bars
• 4 hanging rails, 2 large ventilation ports, 2 ground level irrigation ports

✔ Support Medium Growing Systems
You've got enough space to support large growing systems.

• Size: 120cm x 240cm x 200cm (height)
• Big enough to house a 6 Pot IWS Flood System!

✔ Easy Reach for Watering Systems
Keep your tank outside your tent, and feed pipes through the handy ground level irrigation ports.

• 2 x ground level irrigation ports
Water catchment tray - protect your tent from spills

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The Tech

Your tent features:

• Pole thickness: 25mm
• Corners: 25mm tempered rolled steel
• 4 x Hanging rails
• 2 x Ventilation panels (26" x 10")
• 1 x Viewing window (14" x 10")
• 1 x Irrigation bar
• 2 x Ground level irrigation socks
• 2 x Intake socks: (11")
• 2 x Extraction socks (11")
• 4 x Cable socks (4.5")
• 2 x Air-cooled light socks (9")
• 2 x Front doors
• 2 x side access doors


Kit Contains


Your XXL BudBox Pro White Grow Tent Includes:

• 1 x carry bag
• 1 x outer shell
• 12 x upright poles
• 12 x horizontal bars
• 8 x corner pieces
• 4 x 4 way connectors
• 4 x hanging rails
• 9 x plastic hanging rail grips
• 4 x hanging straps
• 1 x groundsheet

Yout Tent Kit Includes:

• 1 x XXL BudBox Pro White Grow Tent
• 2 x 600 Watt BAY6 Lighting System
• 1 x RVK150A1 Eco Extraction Kit
• 1 x Two Light Timer Contactor
• 1 x Grasslin Mechanical Timer
• 1 x 5m of chain
• 10 x S-Hooks
•  1 x Complete Illustrated GroWell Instructions

Q & A

Questions and Answers (3)

R they just for hydroponic or can u do soil n xxlbud box tent kit??
You can use the growing system of your choice in the XXL Budbox Tent. It will work well with soil, coco, or hydroponic systems.

Written by DJ | 8 Feb 2014

Are spare corner blocks,both three and four way available to order online?
Hi, these are not available online, but we do have spare corner pieces. Please call us to discuss your requirements.

Written by DF | 17 Apr 2013

what type of lights come with the basic kit? e.g hps or cfl lights
The Budbox Basic Kits come with our Proxima Euro Light System, which is supplied with a spectrum adjusted HPS lamp.

Written by kim | 30 Oct 2011