XL+ BudBox Pro Grow Tent (150cm x 150cm x 200cm)

XL+ BudBox Pro Grow Tent (150cm x 150cm x 200cm)

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XL+ BudBox Pro Grow Tent (150cm x 150cm x 200cm)

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Take the hugely popular XL size of BudBox Grow Tent and expand it a little bit to better suit a 1000w light footprint (150cm x 150cm) and what do you get in the end? None other than the awesome XL Plus model!

As you can always expect to find with any new BudBox product, this tent combines premium build quality and hugely convenient features with a very attractive price.       

It is designed to satisfy the most demanding of growers, using a robust, durable and 100% lightproof canvas and an incredibly strong, click-to-connect steel frame.

There are high tolerance zips that stand up to frequent opening and closing, side inspection doors for quick plant checks, a green viewing window for ongoing monitoring of the growing environment, plus vents, ports and access holes to accommodate ventilation, lighting and irrigation equipment. Brilliant!    

External dimensions of this tent are as follows: 150cm (width), 150cm (length) and 200cm (height)
Intake vent dimensions: 225mm (2 vents)
Extraction vent dimensions: 275mm (1 vent)

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The Tech

Features per tent:

• 100% lightproof canvas
• Steel poles and corner pieces
• "Push and click" frame connections
• Side inspection doors
• Irrigation ports
• 20% bigger ventilation ports
• Air-cooled lighting socks
• Extra ventilation ports
• Green viewing window
• Support bars for lights and filters
• Strong door clips instead of Velcro
• Heavy duty zips
• Frame-free central floor space
• Water catchment tray
• Vents for the intake of fresh air

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