Titan3 BudBox Pro Grow Tent (300cm x 300cm x 200cm)

Titan3 BudBox Pro Grow Tent (300cm x 300cm x 200cm)

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Titan3 BudBox Pro Grow Tent (300cm x 300cm x 200cm)

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Size matters to some people - so if you're gardening indoors and want a tent to fill a large space, be sure to check out the ginormous Titan3 BudBox! It is the biggest model in the range and an impressive sight when fully constructed, giving you a fully enclosed growing environment that covers an area of 3m2! Thankfully quality represents a key selling point too, with all trademark BudBox Pro features included as part of the design - i.e. 100% lightproof tent material, vents, ports and access holes, waterproof catchment tray, super strong framework and support bars for carbon filters and lights, side inspection doors, a green viewing window and more! Another awesome product from the greatest selection of grow tents on the market!

External dimensions of this tent are as follows: 300cm (width), 300cm (depth) and 200cm (height)
Intake vent dimensions: 275mm (8 vents)
Extraction vent dimensions: 340mm (4 vents)

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The Tech

Features per tent:

• 100% lightproof canvas
• Steel poles and corner pieces
• "Push and click" frame connections
• Side inspection doors
• Irrigation ports
• 20% bigger ventilation ports
• Air-cooled lighting socks
• Extra ventilation ports
• Green viewing window
• Support bars for lights and filters
• Strong door clips instead of Velcro
• Heavy duty zips
• Frame-free central floor space
• Water catchment tray
• Vents for the intake of fresh air

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