Titan2 BudBox Pro Grow Tent (360cm x 240cm x 200cm)

Titan2 BudBox Pro Grow Tent (360cm x 240cm x 200cm)

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Titan2 BudBox Pro Grow Tent (360cm x 240cm x 200cm)

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Titan2 BudBox Pro White Kit

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Running 6 x 600W lights? You need a BudBox Titan2 Grow Tent.

It’s 360cm x 240cm x 200cm (L x W x H) - you’ll easily get a 24 pot growing system in there with space to spare.

Builds don’t get better than BudBox!

If you’ve got heavy equipment to hang, these tents are great! Poles won’t, buckle or snap, and frames are locked together with ‘Push & Click’ connections.

It’s easy to move and work in these tents - central space is frame-free!

Talk about flexibility! Lay equipment out how you like, there are 22 ports & 6 doors - your layout is unrestricted.

For easy access, doors open all the way, and ventilation ports are 20% bigger. What more could you want?

It’s 100% lightproof…even the viewing window has a green light filter.

You’ll get an even spread of light., thanks to your tent's super-reflective white interior.  Treat yours well and it’ll last years!

360cm x 240cm x 200cm (L x W x H)
• For 6 x 600W lights
100% light tight canvas
White reflective interior
Open central space (no frames or poles)
Large viewing window with green light filter
• Secure ‘push & click’ frame connections
Tough steel corners
• Strong door clips
Heavy duty zips – they won’t jam up
Easy access! 20% bigger ventilation ports
6 x large doors (2 x front, 4 x side)
• 12 x Large ventilation ports (4 x 340mm extraction, 8 x 275mm intake)
2 x 340mm air cooled lighting socks
4 x ground level irrigation ports
4 x 100mm ports for wiring & electrics
• Extra hanging rails for flexible layout
Water catchment tray - protect your tent from spills

Option 1: Get the Tent on Its Own:

• Size: 360cm x 240cm x 200cm (L x W x H)

Option 2: Get the Complete Kit:

You don’t have to think – buy your lights, tent & extraction system in one beautiful bundle.

• 1 x Titan2 BudBox Pro White Grow Tent
• 6 x 600 Watt BAY6 Lighting System
• 1 x Four Light Timer Contactor
• 1 x Two Light Timer Contactor
• 2 x Grasslin Mechanical Timer
• 1 x RVK250A1 Eco Extraction Kit
• 1 x 5m of chain
• 10 x S-Hooks
• 1 x Complete Illustrated GroWell Instructions


Q & A

Questions and Answers (1)

How much weight can the support bars hold? I intend on them supporting an 8 Inch isomax filtration kit.
The support bars in the Titan2 Budbox Pro Grow Tent will easily cope with hanging an 8" Isomax Extraction/Filtration kit, & your light systems.

Written by LT | 8 Sep 2016