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  1. from £64.95

    Get an excellent build for a low cost – invest in a BAY6 XL Grow Tent.

    They’re waterproof, measuring 120cm x 120cm x 200cm (W x H x D). The square shape’s perfect for a Northstar reflector.

    They’re super sturdy! Their support bars hold up to 60lbs, and they’re complete with strong frame, robust canvas, tough corners & military grade SBS zips. Talk about value for money.

    It’s easy to secure your ducting – all entry ports have drawstrings for you to tighten. To make sure that lamp light reaches each and every plant, your tent has an extra bright dimpled silver Mylar interior.

    It’s got exactly what you’d expect a quality tent to have, all for an unbeatable price.

    It’s easy to assembleno tools are needed. If you’re a new grower, it’s the obvious choice.

    Waterproof fabric
    Strong frame with powder coated steel poles
    • Support frames hold up to 60lbs
    • Tough plastic corner pieces
    95% ultra-reflective dimpled silver Mylar interior
    Multiple ports for ducting & cabling
    Air vents located at bottom of the tent
    Durable canvas
    Military grade SBS zips
    Easy to set upno tools needed
    Square shape, ideal for a Northstar reflector
    • Dimensions: 120cm x 120cm x 200cm (W x H x D)

    We Recommend:

    Save time, money and effortupgrade to a BAY6 XL Complete kit. You don’t have to muck about, matching products, you get everything you need for a super low cost:

    BAY6 XL Grow Tent + 1 x 600W BAY6 Grow Lights + Heavy Duty Timer & Contactor + Budget Carbon Filter + RVK125A1 Eco Extractor Fan + Ducting Pieces + 4 x 12L RhizoPots + Fixings.

    Need some help selecting a grow tent? Check out our useful buyers guide!

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  2. from £129.95

    Get a light tight, enclosed growing area with an XL BudBox Pro tent. It’s a whopper!

    It won’t bend, it won’t snap…these tents are solid!

    The metal frame & corner pieces won’t budge an inch– they’re locked in place with ‘Push & Click’ connections.

    Good luck getting yours buckle. We hung a grown man from ours and it just would not give!

    They’re roomy, too, with a frame-free central space2 x 424 Gro-Tanks fit perfectly!

    One person can assemble your tent in just a few minutes – it’s a doddle.

    Option 1: Get the Tent on Its Own:

    • Size: 120cm x 120cm x 200cm (height)

    Option 2: Get the Complete Kit:

    You don’t have to think – buy your lights, tent & extraction system in one brilliant bundle.

    • 1 x XL BudBox Pro White Grow Tent
    • 1 x 600 Watt BAY6 Lighting System
    • 1 x RVK125A1 Eco Extraction Kit
    • 1 x Heavy Duty Timer & Contactor
    • 1 x 5m of chain
    • 5 x S-Hooks
    • 1 x Complete Illustrated GroWell Instructions

    ✔ Light tight!
    Your canvas is 100% light tight, and your viewing window has a green light filter on it.

    100% light tight canvas
    Socks can be tightened around equipment
    • Large viewing window with green light filter

    ✔ Built to Last
    You won’t find a build better than this. Really – we hung a grown man from ours – these whoppers can carry some weight!

    Robust metal, black powder-coated poles
    • Tough metal corners (25mm tempered rolled steel)
    • Secure ‘push & click’ frame connections
    Heavy duty zips – they won’t jam up.
    Strong door clips – no Velcro!
    • Double-layered, flame-retardant canvas
    • Water catchment tray – protects tent and reflects light!

    Easy Access & Quick Inspection
    Access your plants from all angles, via 2 front doors and 2 side doors.

    2 front doors, 2 side doors
    • Front doors unzip all the way round - you’ll never struggle
    Large viewing window - check on plants without opening your doors

    ✔ Flexible layout
    Position your equipment how you want! You get 3 hanging rails, 2 large ventilation ports.

    Frame-free central space- no bars to
    3 hanging rails, 2 large ventilation ports, 2 ground level irrigation ports

    ✔ Support Medium Growing Systems
    You’ll have space for medium growing systems - 2 x 424 Gro-Tanks fit perfectly!

    • Size: 120cm x 120cm x 200cm (height)
    • Big enough to house a 6 Pot IWS Flood System!

    Easy Reach for Watering System
    Keep your feed tank outside your tent, and feed pipes through the handy ground level irrigation ports.

    • 2 x ground level irrigation ports
    Water catchment tray - protect your tent from spills

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  3. from £469.95

    Mammoth Tents & Gavita Lights NOW ON DISPLAY in all stores!
    It took 1 person just 12 minutes to set up in our Wembley Store!

    Want monstrous plant growth? Maximise your GAVITA lights and with a titanic 240cm high tent!

    These beasts are huge! And they were created specifically to support GAVITA's high intensity 1000W lights and Small Room reflectorsthe very shape and size of them maximises light. 

    It's why the tent features in our GAVITA Tent Kits

    As for the build, they’re everything you could want in tent! They're waterproof, reflective and solid!  Treat yours well and it’ll last a lifetime!

    Use them with GAVITA lights and an SR reflector and your tent will be flooded with an intense, uniform spread of light, and will reflect light deep into the canopy layer. You’ll barely believe how well your plants perform!

    • Lots of deep cross penetration – for an deep crop penetration
    Deep light penetration – light come at plants from many angles
    • Up to 10% higher yields
    95% reflective Mylar interior – maximises your GAVITA Grow light
    • Rectangular shape matches footprint of light!
    No overheating! The sheer size of the tent sees to that
    Solid, waterproof tent – it Will Not Leak
    • Simple to set up - it took 1 person just 12minutes in our Wembley store
    • 3 year warranty on all Gavita lights

    Get the FULL GAVITA Layout

    Other tents just don’t cut you can get the ULTIMATE GAVITA Lighting Set Up.

    G1 Tent Kit: 1000W 
    Mammoth G1 Tent + 1000W E-Series Light + SR Reflector + EL1 Master Controller + Exolux Rope Ratchet

    ✔ Unbeatable light intensity (up to 2100 µmol s-1 per 1000W light)
    ✔  Intense, uniform spread of light with lots of cross penetration

    G1 Tent Kit: UV-A & UV-B Tent Kit
    Mammoth G1 Tent + 6/750W E-Series Light + SR Reflector + 2 x 270W LEPs + EL1 Master Controller + 3 x Exolux Rope Ratchet

    ✔  Broad light spectrum (UV-A & UV-B kit)
    ✔  Boost health, taste and aroma! No brainer when growing fruit, veg and flowers
    ✔  Increase essential oil production
    ✔  Enhance anti-oxidative properties - plants produce more flavonoids
    ✔  Increases resistance to pests & diseases
    ✔  Unbeatable light intensity (up to 1500 µmol s-1 per 750W light + LEP output)


    Why Go GAVITA?

    ✔  Incredibly Uniform, Intense Light
    You’ll get lots of cross penetration,, creating a uniform, intense level of light across your entire area

    •  Unbelievable intensity: 2100 µmol s-1 per 1000W light or 1500 µmol s-1 per 750W light
    •  Faster, uniform plant growth
    •  Deeper light penetration: light comes at plants from lots of angles to mimic sunlight  

    ✔ Boost Yields by 10%!
    Get the power of 400 Volts from a 230V socket with GAVITA’s E-Series lights:

    • Up to 8% more grow light, for bigger yields
    • 10 – 25% higher output!
    • 96% efficient replaceable reflector – maximum light reflected
    • 3 year warranty 

    ✔ Energy Saving & Cost Efficient
    Incredible lamp life, reflector life & low power consumption

    • 5,000 hr lamp life + 95% lamp light maintenance over a year
    • Reflector loses just 1% of reflectivity after 1,000hrs
    • 400V from a 240V socket!

    Complete Control with a Gavita Master Controller

    Create safe, optimum lighting with a couple of clicks, use Gavita ProE-Series Lights and a Gavita Master Controller

    Sunrise and sunset modes to mimic natural daylight ( 0 – 30 mins)
    Adjust your light output in 10W increments (from 50% to 115%)
    • Double temperature safety (auto dim and emergency shutdown)
    No high inrushes (ballast is always on stand-by)


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  4. from £119.95

    A great choice of tent for housing a small-to-medium sized hydroponics system! The name BudBox has become synonymous with premium quality products and this large professional model is certainly no exception!

    Special features of the Large BudBox Pro Grow Tent include a super strong black powder-coated frame made from 16mm tempered rolled steel (easily accommodates a suspended reflector and carbon filter), extra robust metal corner pieces, a 100% lightproof external canvas, a highly reflective white interior surface (silver lining tends to reflect too much heat), a clever green viewing window (lets you avoid leaking in natural light during quick observations), convenient ports and vents and toughened door clips and zips.

    External dimensions of this tent are as follows: 100cm (width), 100cm (length) and 200cm (height).
    Intake vent dimensions: 150mm (2 vents)
    Extraction vent dimensions: 175mm (1 vent)

    A fantastic complete lighting and extraction set up can also be purchased with the Large BudBox Pro Grow Tent in the Large BudBox Pro White Kit - check the "Kit Contains" tab for more details or simply click here.

    Discover more about BudBox Pro Grow Tents by reading our in-depth product review!

    Need some help selecting a grow tent? Check out our useful buyers guide!

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  5. from £179.95

    Take the hugely popular XL size of BudBox Grow Tent and expand it a little bit to better suit a 1000w light footprint (150cm x 150cm) and what do you get in the end? None other than the awesome XL Plus model!

    As you can always expect to find with any new BudBox product, this tent combines premium build quality and hugely convenient features with a very attractive price.       

    It is designed to satisfy the most demanding of growers, using a robust, durable and 100% lightproof canvas and an incredibly strong, click-to-connect steel frame.

    There are high tolerance zips that stand up to frequent opening and closing, side inspection doors for quick plant checks, a green viewing window for ongoing monitoring of the growing environment, plus vents, ports and access holes to accommodate ventilation, lighting and irrigation equipment. Brilliant!    

    External dimensions of this tent are as follows: 150cm (width), 150cm (length) and 200cm (height)
    Intake vent dimensions: 225mm (2 vents)
    Extraction vent dimensions: 275mm (1 vent)

    Discover more about BudBox Pro Grow Tents by reading our in-depth product review!

    Need some help selecting a grow tent? Check out our useful buyers guide!

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