Titan BudBox Pro White Kit

Titan BudBox Pro White Kit

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Titan BudBox Pro White Kit

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If you've got the room for a four light set up (2m x 2m minimum recommended floorspace) and want a ready-made kit that includes all of the major hardware associated with indoor gardening then this is the best solution! It provides an awesome self-contained growing environment in the shape of a Titan BudBox Pro, four tried and tested 400 Watt BAY6 Lights and the necessary extraction system to properly ventilate the entire area - consisting of a Systemair RVK Fan and a Prima Klima Eco Carbon Filter. On top of that you will also find a timer and contactor as well as plenty of chain and S-Hooks to suspend the lighting and ventilation equipment, so you don't have to worry about the little things either! In fact, the only other essential product to add to this kit is a growing system - which was purposely not included to let you choose the most suitable model for your growing method.

External dimensions of this tent are as follows: 200cm (width), 200cm (length) and 200cm (height).

Kit Contains


The fantastic Titan BudBox Pro White Complete Kit features all of the major pieces of hardware required to create a plant growing environment.

Titan BudBox Pro White Grow Tent Kit:

1 x Titan BudBox Pro White Grow Tent

4 x 400 Watt BAY6 Lighting System

1 x Four Light Timer Contactor

1 x Grasslin Mechanical Timer

1 x RVK150L1 Eco Extraction Kit

1 x 5m of chain

10 x S-Hooks

1 x Complete Illustrated GroWell Instructions

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