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Replacement HydrOzone ceramic plate

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Sometimes a 'musty' or 'green' type odour may linger outside your grow room or close to vents, even if you've set up an extraction/filtration system. If this happens you can use a HydrOzone ozone generator, which produces elevated levels of ozone to kill off any lingering unwanted smells. These units prove particularly effective and are often used as 'belt and braces' alongside a Carbon Filter. They can be placed in the ducting (8' ducting and larger) after the filter to provide additional reassurance. The HydrOzone uses corona discharge technology and is superior to other models on the market as it incorporates a 7-day timer and adjustable discharge levels to suit a variety of room sizes.

Q & A

Questions and Answers (2)

Can you please tell me what the mg/hr output is for the hydrozone.
The HydrOzone will put out between 2 & 70 mg per hour depending on how it is set.

Written by breckon | 15 Sep 2011

Do i need to buy anything else with the hydrOzone to help it kill the smell? And will it kill all smell that leak out from the tent?
The HydrOzone is commonly used as a 'belt & braces' approach alongside a carbon filter. If you are using a fan that is 8" (200mm) or larger, the HydrOzone will sit in the ducting.

Written by Check Mate | 22 Aug 2011