Bluelab Nutrient (cF) Truncheon

Bluelab Nutrient (cF) Truncheon

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Bluelab (NZH) Nutrient (cF) Truncheon

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The best selling hydroponics cF meter in the world. Why do growers prefer the cF Truncheon? It's easy to use, easy to read, extremely accurate... and best of all it's reliable. The Bluelab Truncheon will reliably measure nutrient strength for years, which is a lot more than can be said for most of the competition! Fully waterproof and featuring an automatic on/off function, the Bluelab cF truncheon has no external switches or knobs and is fully factory calibrated so you will never have to recalibrate it over time. We think every grower should invest in a Bluelab truncheon as it really is worth it's weight in gold when it comes to giving your plants the right strength nutrients. Batteries included.

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i was led to believe that the truncheon was an all in one reader but does not mention ph is a ph reader needed as most tap water is neutreul
The Bluelab cF truncheon will measure the amount of nutrient in the solution, you also need to check the pH & adjust if required. Optimum pH for your nutrient solution is 6.2, but it is fine between 5.8 -6.8

Written by paul | 28 Nov 2012

when your ready to harvest and your flushing what should the reading be? and if i take a reading when im growing how will i know om giving it the correct amount of feed is there a chart or something telling you does it give you the reading on the truncheon?
The cF whilst flushing should be the same as your tap water, typically 2 in soft water areas, 8 in hard water areas. During the Growth cycle you can always refer to the chart in the back of our catalogue, but remember to check against your level of water hardness.

Written by karen | 14 May 2011