Bluelab Guardian pH, cF and Temperature Monitor

Bluelab Guardian pH, cF and Temperature Monitor

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Bluelab Guardian pH, cF and Temperature Monitor

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When it comes to nutrients, three key factors determine how easily your plants are able to absorb them – the pH level, the conductivity (cF) and the temperature. Rather than employ a measuring device for each individual aspect, you can keep a watchful eye over everything and ensure plant performance remains pushed to the max with a premium quality, ultra-convenient Bluelab Guardian Meter!

Simply place/mount the monitor somewhere close to your tank and a mains socket, connect up the plug, submerge the two probes into your nutrient solution and then switch on the power for live and continuous readings displayed via a large LCD screen (which helpfully includes adjustable brightness settings). You can indicate the desired values that must be maintained and the Bluelab Guardian Meter will flash the relevant reading if it ventures too high or low, allowing you to quickly and effectively react to counter unfavourable conditions.

This innovative product is robust, reliable and water resistant, and requires no calibration for conductivity and temperature and only the push of a button for pH. A magnificent, time-saving grow room tool that does away with the need for test strips and manual meters, and reduces the risk of disease and crop failure caused by poor management of nutrients – we can’t recommend it enough!

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