Bluelab CF Pen

Bluelab CF Pen

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Bluelab CF Pen

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After taking a pH reading of your feed and making any necessary adjustments with an up or down solution (thus ensuring plants have access to the nutrients) you will then want to identify exactly how much mineral content is available to them. This can be done in a very effective manner by measuring the conductivity of nutrient solutions – something no other CF pen performs to as high a standard as the brilliant one from Bluelab!

Showcasing a smart design and convenient handheld size, the professional quality device delivers accurate and reliable readings, has automatic temperature compensation, a loop handle for easy dipping and hanging, and a successful calibration indicator. On top of that it will also tell you how warm or cold your nutrient solution is at any given time! We recommend combining the Bluelab CF Pen with a Bluelab pH Pen to cover all your bases and help maintain healthy plants.

Q & A

Questions and Answers (2)

Do the cf and ph pens come ready calibrated.
The Bluelab cF pen does not need to be calibrated, we would recommend calibrating the pH pen regularly.

Written by SC | 11 Jan 2014

Does the pen give readings in cF only or is there also an EC reading?
The Bluelab cF pen will give both cF & EC readings.

Written by ben | 23 Oct 2013