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Grow Room Tools

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  1. PTFE Tape

    PTFE Tape

    Starting at: £1.25

    Any plumber will tell you that when you're dealing with high pressures and screw connections, using PTFE Tape is absolutely essential to ensure a water tight seal. Simply wrap some PTFE Tape around the male thread of your screw fit component before screwing on the female thread component to avoid any leaks. We especially recommend this when using our 25mm irrigation components due to the high pressures created by 25mm Pumps.
  2. Measuring Jugs and Cups

    Measuring Jugs and Cups

    Starting at: £0.65

    There's not much you can really say about these measuring jugs and cups - except that you'll have a hard time running an efficient and accurate grow room without some! 3 different types available to enable you to accurately measure liquids for precision dosing.
  3. Bluelab pH Probe

    Bluelab pH Probe

    Starting at: £49.95

    Although Bluelab products are built to last, any damage or long term deterioration of the pH probe used by the Bluelab Guardian Monitor, Bluelab Combo Meter and Bluelab PH meter will then create the need for a replacement. The Bluelab pH Probe connects up to all of the aforementioned meters and is fully waterproof, easy to clean and less fragile than glass electrodes thanks to the tough polypropylene barrel. It also comes with a two metre cable and a suction cup so you do have the option of permanently submerging the probe in your tank. Requires regular calibration with a pH buffer to maintain accuracy levels.

  4. Manual pH Tester

    Manual pH Tester

    Starting at: £5.50

    It is possible to test the pH of your nutrient solution without using electronic meters. We offer a cheap and simple to use manual pH tester.
  5. Bluelab Meter Carry Case

    Bluelab Meter Carry Case

    Starting at: £19.95

    After purchasing a meter or pen from the best range of measuring equipment on the market, you’ll want to make sure that your Bluelab product is adequately protected against the odd bump but still easy to use when required. The robust Bluelab Carry Case can comfortably accommodate a single Bluelab Combo Meter, Bluelab pH Meter, Bluelab pH Pen or Bluelab cF Pen, conveniently letting you take readings from your chosen instrument without having to unpack it. There are pockets for spare meter probes, an internal strap that lets you tidily tuck away any loose cables and an external strap if you need to hang or carry the case.

  6. Jumbo Hanging Drying Racks

    Jumbo Hanging Drying Racks

    Starting at: £18.95

    The Jumbo Hanging Drying Rack is an innovative bit of kit featuring eight levels of fine mesh which are perfect for drying your crops in a quick, safe and effective way. Circular in construction, each level of the drying rack measures 55cm in diameter, giving you a very large combined drying area to use. The rack can be hung either way up and measures a total of 160cm in height when suspended. Ingeniously, the circular compartmentalised design allows you to flip the rack over during the drying process to ensure consistent and even drying of your crop. A surefire winner, which were sure every grower will love.
  7. Nutrient Measuring Syringes

    Nutrient Measuring Syringes

    Starting at: £0.10

    Why guess, when you can measure precisely! We have four sizes of measuring syringe available and a handy Pipette giving you precise control over your nutrient and booster dosages. An essential part of any grow room - no grower should be without at least one of these if they are after really good results.
  8. ONA Spray

    ONA Spray

    Starting at: £7.95

    Following on from the success of ONA Pro Gel and ONA Blocks come these two new terrific odour-masking sprays. Providing a more instantly effective and targeted way of neutralising the bad smells that sometimes escape grow rooms, simply aim your spray where odours are most prevalent and in no time at all the air will be refreshed! Available as a 250ml bottled spray with either the Fresh Linen or Pro scent.
  9. The Nebuliser Foliar Fogger

    The Nebuliser Foliar Fogger

    Starting at: £185.00

    The Nebuliser Foliar Fogger is a powerful grow room tool that increases the efficiency of your foliar applications to near 100% coverage when used correctly. By converting your foliar feed or pest control spray into miniscule particles, the Nebuliser effectively creates a fog that completely envelopes your plants in your chosen foliar application without missing a single nook or cranny. Due to the intense powered atomization of your spraying solution, every surface of your plant and grow room will be covered meaning that for foliar feeds, pest control sprays or even grow room cleaners, there is no better way of ensuring complete coverage. Use in conjunction with any quality foliar feed or pest control spray.
  10. Disposable Cloning Scalpels

    Disposable Cloning Scalpels

    Starting at: £0.85

    Surgically precise cuts minimise plant stress and shorten re-growth time. Sterile, individually wrapped and disposable - these are absolutely essential for any grower taking cuttings.

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Items 1-10 of 62

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