Gavita TripleStar Reflector Only

Gavita TripleStar Reflector Only
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Maximise light in any tent - find out why Holland loves Gavita’s compact and versatile Triple Star Reflector.

It’s super small and won’t obstruct airflow – in a multi-light set up it’s perfect as a 315W CDM light (lamp adaptor required - see "Select your Extras")

You can adjust the side panels to suit your hanging height. There are 3 panel positions wide, medium and deep.

Go high and deep or close and wide – whichever suits your plants and tent.

To boost light intensity in multi-light set ups, you can adjust panels asymmetrically! Go deep on the outside (to direct light away from walls and to plants)… go wide on the inside (to create intense, overlapping light). Wait ‘til you see the results.

Best of all, you don’t have to replace your whole reflector ever again – just the panels. It’s a huge time saver.

• Super compactgreat for air flow and climate control
Versatile! 3 panel positions (wide, medium and deep)
Adjust panels asymmetrically (in multi-light set ups) to create intense light overlap
Never replace your reflector again – just swap the side panels
96% reflective vega / MIRO® aluminium surface
• Closed ended to boost light intensity
Accommodates up to 600W lamps (recommended for 315W CDM light - lamp adaptor required)
• Eye bolts for quick and easy installation
• E40 lamp socket
• Made by Holland’s leading brand – Gavita

FREE Gavita Lighting Layout In Store

Drop by your local store for a FREE lighting layout. We use Gavita’s 3D modelling software to tell you which lights you need (and how to position them!) for the very best spread of light.

The Science

What’s light overlap?

Light overlap is where one spread of light overlaps with another spread of light. In areas with overlapping light:

a) Growth is more uniform – you get a similar light intensity across a larger area
b) Light is more intense
c) Light reaches plants from more angles (like sunlight) - there’s much better penetration

In a multi-light layout, you can adjust your reflective plates independently. You can direct light away from walls, and towards plants with the outside plate. Then widen the inside plate, to create lots of overlapping light. You’ll get a uniform, even light intensity across your entire area.

The Tech

Gavita Reflectors

The guys at Gavita know how to build a reflector – here’s what they do:

All reflections of light are expertly mapped out using advanced 3D modelling software.

To check light reflections from all angles, a custom moulded reflector is put in a blackened room and rotated

Each reflector is hand assembled by a single person to make sure nothing slips under the radar.

Each lighting system is activated to make sure it works as it should.

How to Use

Recommended distance from plant tops:

30cm (250W lamp), 40cm (400W lamp) 60cm (600W lamp) or 75cm (750W lamp)

Adjusting the reflector:

There are three panel positions: deep, medium and wide

To adjust, depress the latch at the side reflectors, move the reflector inward or outward and release the latch in one of the three positions.

Make sure that you:

• Adjust the reflector when it’s still cool
• To prevent skin burns, only ever touch the adjustment handles, not the reflector plates


Do not touch the reflective material with your bare hand as this can cause it to lose reflectivity. If you do want to clean it, use a soft cloth to remove dust only.

You can clean the reflector’s housing with a damp cloth, but never when the reflector is in use or just after use.

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