Adjust-a-Wing Avenger Reflector only

Adjust-a-Wing Avenger Reflector only

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Adjust-a-Wing Avenger Reflector only (IEC connection)

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Whenever we’re asked to identify the best available reflector, our answer is always the same... the Adjust-a-Wing Avenger! Its astonishing 98% reflective Vega/Miro aluminium surface virtually guarantees that none of your light goes to waste and instead bathes plants in a wondrous glow. The impressively innovative design also features flexible reflector wings and an adjustable lamp holder position, allowing you to fine-tune the focus of light for maximum efficiency. And as if that's not enough, the Adjust-a-Wing Avenger now comes supplied complete with an integrated Heat Shield for much improved light and heat distribution! The ultimate reflector for both performance and control covers an area measuring 1.5m x 1.2m.

Kit Contains


Features of the Adjust-a-Wing Avenger Reflector:

  • remarkable 98% reflective Vega/Miro aluminium
  • adjustable 'wings' that enable you to postion your lamp closer to plants
  • adjustable 'wings' that let you create a wide and even spread of light and also fine tune its focus
  • free heat shield super spreader used to help defelect heat and spread light
  • simple to assemble with only a few key components
  • comprehensive manufacturer instructions
  • 12 month limited warranty

The Adjust-a-Wing Avenger Reflector measures 55cm (length) x 75cm (width*) and works with all IEC connection ballasts.

*when almost completely flat

To complete your lighting system you will need to connect up the Adjust-a-Wing Avenger Reflector to a suitable lamp and ballast - both of these must either be 250w, 400w or 600w. Also make sure you use a contactor if you decide to control the system with a timer. 

How to Use

The Adjust-a-Wing Avenger Reflector is sold flat pack and requires some basic assembly. Step-by-step manufacturer instructions are provided.

We recommend suspending the reflector from your ceiling or grow tent roof using Heavy Duty Rope Ratchets or Ezi-Roll Light Hangers - but chain will do a good enough job too. 'S' Hooks and Ceiling Hook Plates will also be needed.

The Adjust-a-Wing Avenger offers growers the unique ability to replicate seasonal light variations to completely maximise your plant performance. Adjust-a-Wing reflectors at their optimum will cover an area of 1.5m x 1.2m although even with areas smaller than this, the same principles can be applied. The key to maximising reflector performance is to always aim to keep this consistent 1.5m width of spread in your mind. Whatever height your reflector is above your plants, the reflector should be adjusted to maintain this same footprint.

In addition to the adjustable wings, the lampholder adjustment offered by the Adjust-a-Wing Avenger lets you completely manage the spread of light given by your lamp. When starting vegetative growth, the reflector should be adjusted to provide it's maximum downwards focus, and positioned high in the grow room to maintain the 1.5m spread. At this early growth setting of maximum focus, the lampholder will typically be positioned quite far away from the reflector to provide a consistent and even spread of light. You will be able to visibly see if there are any shadows in your spread by looking at the light distribution on your grow room floor. If there are any shadows, try adjusting the lampholder position to remove these inconsistencies.

As the plants become stronger and bigger, the reflector can be moved closer to the plants. As this happens, you will adjust the spread of your reflector gradually wider and wider as you get the light closer to the plants (maintaining the 1.5m spread). At each adjustment, you will also need to adjust the lampholder position to even the spread of light. Your eventual aim is to get the reflector very close to your plant canopy (without damaging the plants) so that you get maximum light penetration down through the plant to excite lower fruiting and flowering sites. Once these sites are activated, you will find that you have additional blooms and more fruit sets per plant. Ideally you want to maintain this maximum intensity of light getting through the plants for at least 1-2 weeks. During this stage, your lamps will be so close to the plant canopy that they will create a hot spot directly under the lamp. This would normally cause the plants directly underneath this hot spot to stretch towards the heat and give you an uneven canopy. The Adjust-a-Wing Avenger allows you to manage this inconsistency though. By adjusting the lampholder to position the lamp as close as possible to the reflector, you can artificially create a shadow (thanks to the heat shield) in the centre of your light spread - reducing light in this area slows the growth there and evens out the effect of stretching towards the heat. This gives you an even canopy for maximum productivity across your crop.

In the final stages of growth (once the deep fruiting sites have been activated and multiple fruits sets are forming) you need to create an artificial autumn for your plants by slowly moving the reflector away from the canopy again, narrowing the focus as the reflector rises and adjusting the lampholder to create an even spread once more.

Q & A

Questions and Answers (2)

whats the difference between the avenger and the enforcer? apart from the price. Is it that the enforcer does not have the same reflectable ability? regards steven
The Adjst-a-Wing Enforcer is made from standard reflector aluminium, & is not supplied with a heat shield. The Avenger is made with Vega/Miro aluminium, which is 98% reflective, & is supplied with a heat shield. The Enforcer is a good reflector for the price, but it will be outperformed by the Avenger.

Written by SW | 28 May 2013

hi. does the avenger reflector come with a plug and lead, and how long
the Adjust-a-Wing Avenger reflector comes with a 4 metre lead, wired to an IEC plug, this unit needs to be used with a ballast, it can not be plugged straight into the mains.

Written by BS | 12 Feb 2013