Gavita Small Room Reflector

Gavita Small Room Reflector

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M110 Gavita DE SR Reflector

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For the ultimate lighting environment, you need an M11 GAVITA Small Room Reflector.

They’re a lot narrower (110o Beam angle) than the standard GAVITA HR96 reflectors - you'll get a focussed, intense, retangular beam of light. 

They're the only ones to use in a Mammoth G1 or G2 tent – the tents were designed for the reflectors! The very shape, size & height of the tent maximises light from your reflector.   

Option 1:
• Use one reflector in the centre of a G1 tent (see the G1 tent kit)

Option 2:
• Use two back to back reflectors in a G2 tent (see the G2 tent kit)

It's an unbeatable combo!

Your SR reflector floods your G1 or G2 tent with focussed, intense, uniform spread of light. You then get tons of light reflections from your tent walls to cross penetrate plants from all angles - like the sun

Each reflector has a 96% reflective vega / MIRO® aluminum surface. And you’ll only lose 1% of reflectivity for every 1,000 hrs of use! That’s phenomenal!

GAVITA lights come straight from the Netherlands – the greenhouse capital of the world.  Standards are high - each one’s hand assembled and checked before it’s shipped. You get a 3 year warranty on all GAVITA products, too!

Brace yourself for monstrous yields and uniform growth.

✔ Ideal size & shape for Mammoth G1 (1 light) & G2 (2 lights)
Uniform growth – intense, even spread of light
✔ Perfect, rectangular footprint of light (110o Beam angle)
Deep light penetration – reaches plants from angles, like sunlight
96% reflective vega / MIRO® aluminum surface!
Loses just 1% of reflectivity over 1,000 hrs of use
Easy to fit – plug and play!
3 year warranty on all GAVITA products

Get the Full GAVITA Light Set Up!

Want extreme plant growth? Transform your lighting environment with the Ultimate GAVITA Set Up

G1 Tent Kit1000W 
1000W E-Series Light + SR Reflector + EL1 Master Controller + Mammoth G1 TentExolux Rope Ratchet

G1 Tent Kit UV-A & UV-B 
6/750W E-Series Light + SR Reflector + 2 x 270W LEPs + EL1 Master Controller Mammoth G1 Tent  + 3 x Exolux Rope Ratchet

G2 Tent Kit1000W 
2 x 1000W E-Series Lights + 2 x SR Reflector + EL1 Master Controller + Mammoth G2 Tent  + 2 x Exolux Rope Ratchet

G2 Tent KitUV-A & UV-B
2 x 6/750W E-Series Light + 2 x SR Reflector + 4 x 270W LEPs + EL1 Master Controller + Mammoth G2 Tent + 6 x Exolux Rope Ratchet

Intense, Even Spread of Light + Cross Penetration!
Follow a GAVITA lighting set up and you’ll flood your tent with an intense, uniform light

Faster growing, healthier plants: light is much, much more intense!
Uniform plant growth: you get an even spread of light
✔ Superior cross penetration: light reflected from walls comes at plants from more angles (a lot like sunlight)

Up to 10% Higher Yields - Unbeatable Light Intensity!
Get the power of 400 Volts from a 230V socket with GAVITA’s E-Series lights:

✔ Up to 8% more grow light, up to 10% higher yields
5,000 hr lamp life + 95% lamp light maintenance over a year
96% efficient replaceable reflector
✔ 3 year warranty on all GAVITA products

Complete Control!
Create safe, optimum lighting with a couple of clicks - get a GAVITA Master Controller

Sunrise and sunset modes to mimic natural daylight ( 0 – 30 mins)
Adjust your light output in 10w increments (from 50% to 115%)
✔ Double temperature safety (auto dim and emergency shutdown)
No high inrushes (ballast is always on stand-by)

Boost Taste, Aroma & Health with a Broader Light Spectrum
When you use a GAVITA Plasma supplemental grow light – they last 30,000 hours!

✔ Boost taste and aroma! No brainer when growing fruit, veg and flowers
✔ Increase essential oil production
✔ Enhance anti-oxidative properties - plants produce more flavonoids

FREE Tailored Lighting Layout in Store!
Unsure what you need? Visit your local store for a free lighting plan

✔ Find out which light, tent & reflector combo suits your space
✔ Free advice on reflector positions
✔ Maximum light intensity & cross penetration
✔ Designed with GAVITA’s 3D modelling software!

The Science

What’s Cross Penetration?

Cross penetration is where light reflections from your tent penetrate your crops from a different angles, like the sun. It means light penetrates more deeply. 

To get it, your reflector and tent need to work perfectly together. G1 and G2 tents were designed specifically for the Small Room Reflector's size, shape & beam angle.

The result?

✔  Uniform plant growtheven level of light across a larger area
✔  Incredibly intense light 
✔  Deep light penetration light reaches plants from more angles

Keep Reflectors at a Fixed Height

To maximise light overlap, keep your reflectors in a fixed position, at the top of your growing space. You won’t have to dim lights to build intensity. Instead, lighting naturally becomes intense as plants grow.


When Should you Replace GAVITA Reflectors?

A 1% loss of reflectivity results in a yield loss of at least 0.5%

Over time, all reflectors degrade:

  • • They become covered in dust, dirt & residue

  • • The heat produced by your lamps causes reflective surfaces to oxidise

If you’re using a humidifier with unfiltered water, you’ll lose an extra 10% of reflectivity over 3 months (approx.). This is because calcium and minerals contained in unfiltered water collect on your reflector’s surface.

GAVITA lose roughly 1% of reflectivity after 1,000 hours of use – that’s exceptionally good.

To maximise your GAVITA lights, replace them after a year.

The Tech

Technical Specification

Reflector material: vega / MIRO® aluminum
Beam angle: 110o beam angle
Suitable for: double ended 750-1000W HPS

How They’re Created

All reflections of light were meticulously mapped out using advanced 3D modelling software.  This was to create a focussed, intense spread of light that penetrates deep plast the canopy layer.


To check light reflections from all angles, a custom moulded reflector was put in a blackened room. It was then rotated.


Each one’s hand assembled by just one person.  The production team’s only 20 people large – no mistakes are made, but just in case, all GAVITA products come with a 3 year warranty.

You might notice a slight scorch mark on your light (they disappear after 10 minutes of use). That’s because each lighting system is activated to make sure it works as it should.

How to Use

Attaching your reflectors

It’s easy - just clip them into place. Watch the video above to see how!

Keep reflectors at a fixed height

Keep reflectors at a fixed height at the top of your growing space.

This will:

Maximise cross penetration (light reflections from your tent)
• No need to build light intensity (no dimming, no loss of spectrum, no loss of penetration)
No need to raise reflector levels as plants grow

Cleaning your reflectors

Clean reflectors will never be as reflective as new ones, but if you do want to clean them:

Clean with a dry soft cloth, do not scratch the material
Never touch the reflective material with your hand
Don’t polish a reflector, you will scratch the surface
Replace your reflector every year for optimal efficiency
Never use detergents
Vinegar might remove some  calcium spots (rinse with distilled water after to prevent spots)

Q & A

Questions and Answers

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