Gavita Pro 750W 400V EL DE Lamp

Gavita Pro 750W 400V EL DE Lamp

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Gavita Pro 750W 400V EL DE Lamp

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GAVITA Pro 750W: 1500 μmol s-1

Time to replace?

Every 1% loss in light costs you 1% of your yield.

Your GAVITA lamps maintain 95% of their light over a year!

After that year, to keep your yield constantly high, replace your lamp.

This lamp is the one you need for a GAVITA Pro 750W, 400V EL DE Lamp.

If you use it in a 1000W fixture, you’ll save 20% of your electricity when running at its full power!

About the Lamps

Push for bigger, healthier plants and record yields with GAVITA’s 750W, 400V EL DE Lamp.

You can dim it to 400W or boost it to 825W – you have complete control.

You’ll get amazing PAR output of up to 1500 micromoles – for a 750W light that’s intense!

Lamps are double ended – so you can position them precisely and get an incredibly even burn.

Absolutely no light is blocked – bulbs are made from an incredibly clear quartz glass and they have no wire frame running through them, so you won’t get any shadows.

Bulbs retain 95% of their light over a year and have a life expectancy of 5,000 hours – that’s more than 4 full cycles.

As for the quality of light, you’ll get a wider light spectrum and accurate colour rendering - the 400V frequency sees to that.

600W high frequency horticultural lamp
• Up to 8% more grow light & up to 10% higher yields
Life expectancy of 5,000 hrs
• Amazing light maintenance of 95% after a year (5,000 hours)
• Incredible PAR output: 1500 μmol
Quartz glass outer bulb for perfect photosensitive quality
• Use with high frequency, 400V electronic ballasts (GAVITA Pro series)
Double ended – even burn
3 year warranty on GAVITA products

We recommend

Don’t try powering your 400V lights from a standard 230V ballast – use them with a GAVITA lighting system or another compatible 400V system!

How do you Measure Light Output?

People used to just count lumens. Don’t do that.

1 lumen = 1 candle

While lumens tell you how bright a bulb is, they don’t tell you how much plant usable light is emitted.

Plants can only use certain wavelengths of light for growth (400nm – 700nm). These wavelengths are known as the PAR range.

To find out how much plant usable light is emitted, refer to a light’s PPF, which tells you how many micromoles are emitted from the PAR range.

1 micromole = µmol is 602 quadrillion photons

The Science

How Often Should You Replace Your Lamps?

You should replace your GAVITA lamps every year. They last twice as long as other grow lamps, which need to be replaced every 6 months.

What Wavelengths can be used by Plants?

For growth, plants can only use wavelengths of light between 400nm – 700nm. These wavelengths are known as the PAR (Photosynthetically Active Radiation) range.
To find out how much light is emitted from the PAR range, you need to find out what your light’s PPF (photosynthetic photon flux) is.

Your PPF reading will tell you how many how many particles of light (photons) from the PAR range are emitted by your lamp per second, measured in micromoles.

What are micromoles (µmol)?

Micromoles tell you how many particles of light (photons) from the PAR range are emitted by your lamp per second.

1 micromole = µmol is 602 quadrillion particles of light (photons)!

What about wavelengths outside the PAR range?

Wavelengths outside the PAR range can’t be used for growth, but they have other benefits.

UV-A & UV-B, for instance, are known to:

• Improve taste & aroma
• Boost pest resistance
• Increase essential oil production
• Enhance medicinal /anti-oxidative properties
Most standard HPS lights don’t emit much UV-A & UV-B. To really get the benefits of a wider spectrum, use a GAVITA supplemental LEP (Plasma) grow light.


The Tech

Technical Specification

• Brand: Gavita
• Type: Pro El DE
• Power: 750 Watt
• Lamp base: K12 x 30S
• Growlight (µMol): 1500 µmol s-1
• Light maintenance 1 year (5000 hours)::>95%
• Voltage: 400V

400V on a 230V supply!

You can power your 400V GAVITA lamp from a normal household mains supply. Just make sure you use the right ballast.

Never use a magnetic ballast – they can only output the voltage that comes in.

Instead, use a digital ballast, like the ones you get with GAVITA Pro Lighting Systems. They have a 230V input circuit, but will output 400V (unless you dim the ballast output).

This is because digital ballasts always output the maximum voltage, no matter what the supply is (unless you dim them).


You might notice a slight scorch mark on your light (they disappear after 10 minutes of use).

That’s because each lighting system is activated before being shipped to make sure it works as it should.

But just in case, GAVITA products come with a 3 year warranty.

How to Use

Complete instructions are supplied with each lamp. See how to change our reflectors & lamps by watching the video above!

Q & A

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