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Gavita Master Controllers

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Gavita Master Controller EL1

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Control up to 80 Gavita Pro E-Series Lighting Systems with a Gavita Master Controller.

Use it to automatically switch lights off and on at your desired times. 

It’ll also mimic the pattern of natural daylight when in sunrise and sunset mode, where lights slowly dim or boost over 30 minutes.

To prevent overheating, there’s the auto dim and emergency shut down features – they’ll kick in if your grow room gets too hot. You’ll always get a warning before, and a notification after this happens.

Forget high inrushes - all ballasts stay in standby mode until they get a signal from the controller to switch on.

You don’t need a separate timer or contactor – you can control all ballasts at once with a couple clicks.

Controllers are easy to use – everything’s plug and play, and controlled by just 5 simple buttons!

Control all ballasts at once - no need for a switchboard
Efficient and safe to use (low voltage device)
No high inrushes (ballast is always on stand-by)
Sunrise and sunset modes to mimic natural daylight ( 0 – 30 mins)
• You can adjust the light output in 10w increments (from 50% to 115%)
• Complete with temperature sensors
• Double temperature safety feature (auto dim and emergency shutdown)
Short circuit protection
• You can plug ballasts directly to the mains outlet
Simple to use and read
• For Gavita Pro e-series, including Gavita LEP
CE Marked
Choose your display: 1) Output in % or watts 2) Celsius or Fahrenheit 3) 24hr or AM/PM


Choose your model:

There are two available. For more information on each, see 'The Tech'

1) Gavita Master Controller EL1 UK
• 1 output channel
Controls 40 Gavita Pro E-Series Lighting Systems

2) Gavita Master Controller EL2 UK
• 2 output channels + extra outputs for external contractor modules
• Connects to your alarm system (txt/e-mail/alarm)
• Can switch on connected devices during light on and lights off mode
• Option to have 2 x 40 lights (in two 12 hrs on /12 hours off rooms)
- 80 Gavita Pro E-Series Lighting Systems
- ALL OTHER e-series devices in your grow room
- TWO non e-series devices (e.g. Humidifier, CO2, controller)

You can divide connected devices into two separate rooms - each with its own temperature sensor and safety features.

The Tech

Gavita Master Controller – EL1
• 24 hour timer (on/off): yes
• Set output level: 50 – 115%
• Select ballast type: 400/600/750/1000W
• Show output as W or %: yes
• Auto-dim at set temp: yes
• Auto shutdown at set temp: yes
• Sunrise / sunset period: yes
• Outputs: 1 (main)
• Temperature sensors: 1 (main)
• Number of ballasts per output: 40
• Total number of ballasts: 40
• Warranty: 3 years

Gavita Master Controller – EL2
• 24 hour timer (on/off): yes
• Set output level: 50 – 115%
• Select ballast type: 400/600/750/1000W
• Show output as W or %: yes
• Auto-dim at set temp: yes
• Auto shutdown at set temp: yes
• Sunrise / sunset period: yes
• Outputs: 2 (main/aux)
• Temperature sensors: 2 (for 2 rooms 12/12)
• Number of ballasts per output: 40
• Total number of ballasts: 80 (either in one room or 2 x 40 in 12/12)
• Alarm contacts N0/NC: yes
• External Contactor Modules (ECM): 2 optional
• Warranty: 3 years

How to Use

1. Connect the controller cables to the fixtures with the included T-splitter
2. Set the dials on the fixtures to EXT (External control)
3. Plug the controller and the fixtures directly into mains and you’re set to go.

Q & A

Questions and Answers (1)

i see the el2 can run 2 rooms on 12/12 but can it 2 different light cycles from this unit in seperate rooms or do i have to buy 2 units to achieve this thanks in advance :)
You would need to use 2 separate units to run different light cycles, but 2 12/12 cycles can be run from 1 EL2 Controller.

Written by KS | 1 May 2016