Adjust-a-Wing Enforcer Lighting Systems

Adjust-a-Wing Enforcer Lighting Systems

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250 Watt Adjust-a-Wing Enforcer BAY6 Light System

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400 Watt Adjust-a-Wing Enforcer BAY6 Light System

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600 Watt Adjust-a-Wing Enforcer BAY6 Light System

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600 Watt Adjust-a-Wing Enforcer Exolux Dimmable Light System

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The Adjust-a-Wing Enforcer has quickly established itself as a fantastic alternative to the ultimate reflector - the original Adjust-a-Wing Avenger - especially when used in conjunction with a high quality bulb and ballast. To enable you to enjoy the best results possible we've put together this superb selection of attractive and affordable systems! Choose from the BAY6 and Exolux Dimmable range of ballasts, then set your expectations high because the Adjust-a-Wing Enforcer Reflector knows how to make every lumen count that's produced by the supplied dual spectrum lamp!

Kit Contains


If you like the idea of using an Adjust-a-Wing Avenger but can’t quite justify paying for the premium product, take a look at the Adjust-a-Wing Enforcer instead! At a much-reduced price, the equally flexible reflector practically gives you the same benefits as our most popular model – including impressively low hanging-positions over plant tops and remarkably balanced distribution of light. Talk about incredible value!

How then does the Adjust-a-Wing Enforcer differ from the original? Upon closer inspection you'll see both versions are actually made from different materials, with the titanium, powder coated finish of the Adjust-a-Wing Enforcer delivering a level of reflectivity that’s only surpassed by the Adjust-a-Wing Avenger’s phenomenal 98% reflective Vega/Miro aluminium surface. Choosing between these two reflectors proves a tough call and more often than not depends on whether you want ‘great’ or ‘the greatest’. Either way, exceptional performance is guaranteed.

In addition to the Adjust-a-Wing Enforcer, each system also features a quality dual spectrum lamp as standard. This will successfully see you through entire crops, reducing costs and eliminating the need for changes at the halfway stage by producing desirable light for vegetative growth and flowering.

You may now be set on an Adjust-a-Wing Enforcer Lighting System, but there is still the equally important task of picking your preferred ballast.

The digital design from Exolux currently leads the field having gained an excellent reputation through energy and cost efficiency, reduced heat and noise output and unique control features. Showcasing this technology at its finest and most advanced, the ballast encourages you to tweak light settings for the precise requirements of plants during different periods of a crop.

If your budget won’t stretch to accommodate one of these units, a BAY6 ballast is an ideal solution. Many growers far and wide continue to prefer using our magnetic control gear because of the fantastic track record, high standard of components and cheaper initial price. Quiet, super reliable and cool running, these ballasts can always be trusted to deliver! Just remember they cost a little more to operate daily than digital alternatives.

Adjust-a-Wing Enforcer Lighting Systems are a very, very close second best to the ultimate Adjust-a-Wing Avenger kits. When you consider price versus performance, it’s almost impossible to ignore them!

How to Use

The Adjust-a-Wing Enforcer Reflector is sold flat pack and requires some basic assembly. Step-by-step manufacturer instructions are provided. It measures 55cm (length) x 75cm (width*) and works with all IEC connection ballasts.

Before hanging the reflector, screw the grow lamp into the lampholder and connect the reflector lead to the corresponding ballast lead.

We recommend suspending the Adjust-a-Wing Enforcer from your ceiling or grow tent roof using Heavy Duty Rope Ratchets or Ezi-Roll Light Hangers - but chain will do a good enough job too. 'S' Hooks and Ceiling Hook Plates will also be needed.

Finally plug the ballast into the mains - always use a contactor if controlling your system with a timer.

*when almost completely flat

Q & A

Questions and Answers (1)

Can the 250w hobby version support metal halide bulbs?
You can use either high pressure sodium, or metal halide lamps with this system. The wattage of the bulb must always match the wattage of the ballast.

Written by dan | 22 Oct 2012