Dimlux Maxi Controller

Dimlux Maxi Controller

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Dimlux Maxi Controller

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A remarkably intelligent and fully responsive grow room device that will comfortably manage numerous Dimlux Expert Series Grow Lights (standard and CDM models) in order to maintain your preferred temperature settings. Impressively, it also has the capacity to run a CO2 generator and a humidifier. By being able to constantly monitor key environmental factors (sensors sold separately), the Dimlux Maxi Controller can quickly identify potential issues and then take a suitable course of action – altering light output, CO2 levels or humidity until optimum conditions are restored. Highly recommended for closed loop rooms and large grow tents.

• Customisable target for day and night temperatures
• Manages up to 160 Dimlux Grow Lights (no need for a timer or contactor)
• Continuously-variable light dimming function
• Can be used to simulate sunrise and sunset
• Allows you to control two separate rooms
• Sensors available for temperature, humidity, and CO2

Q & A

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hi, do you have to by a maxi controller for every digital ballast u have or can u link multiple ballasts to the one controller? thanks
You can link up to 160 Dimlux lights to one Dimlux Maxi Controller.

Written by LI | 15 Oct 2015