Dimlux Maxi Controller including CO2 Sensor

Dimlux Maxi Controller including CO2 Sensor

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Dimlux Maxi Controller including CO2 Sensor

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This Dimlux Maxi Controller has been designed to manage your Dimlux Light Systems (or separate Dimlux Ballasts) according to the grow room temperature and humidity (when purchased with the relevant sensors) and also monitors CO2 levels, with the ability to control a CO2 Regulator. If it is too hot, all of the lamps will be automatically dimmed down to keep conditions at the desired setting. Dimlux Lights/Ballasts are fine to plug straight into the controller without the use of a timer or contactor - it actually has the ability to perform these functions! Talk about a great opportunity to save money! To mimic outdoor conditions as closely as possible, you are given the option of simulating sunrise and sunset when the controller switches the lights between on and off modes - a cool and incredibly unique feature! With a Dimlux Maxi Controller you can also gradually increase the light intensity to match and propel the growth of your plants. A maximum of 160 Dimlux Ballasts are able to be linked up to any one Dimlux Maxi Controller. That's right, 160!

There are a number of items you can purchase that will help improve the performance of your Dimlux Maxi Controller and Dimlux Lights/Ballasts, which include the following:

Temperature Camera - measures leaf surface temperature for the most accurate and appropriate responses from your Dimlux Lights/Ballasts

Temperature Sensor with 5m/10m Lead - ensures that when temperatures go above the desired settings the Dimlux Lights/Ballasts are made to respond by dimming or turning off

Humidity Sensor with 5m Lead - enables your Dimlux Maxi Controller to take into account the humidity level in the grow room when adjusting conditions

Q & A

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Could it be possible to plug or use Gativas with theses
The Gavita lights are not compatible with the Dimlux Maxi Controller, you would need to use one of the Gavita Master Controllers to control you Gavita fixtures.

Written by A | 25 Sep 2016