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Extractor Fans

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  1. Isomax Acoustic Fans

    Isomax Acoustic Fans

    Starting at: £249.95

    The unstoppable rise of Isomax Acoustic Fans has been one of the major success stories of recent years in the UK indoor gardening market. With a reassuringly robust design and high quality components, each of the four units will comfortably help you overcome the challenges of extracting air from a modern grow room. Key features include the innovative baffle and acoustic lined chamber (much like a very large silencer) that successfully combine to minimise overall noise output whilst allowing for movement of gargantuan amounts of air. Both of the two smaller fans also provide convenient inbuilt fan speed controllers, offering even more value for money! Very highly recommended!
  2. Prima Klima Temperature Controlled Extractor Fans

    Prima Klima Temperature Controlled Extractor Fans

    Starting at: £115.00

    By creating combining the key features of an extractor fan and a fan speed controller, Prima Klima has been able to develop these forward-thinking, super effective products for ventilating grow room. With minimum fuss and maximum success, PK Temperature Controlled Extractor Fans let you manage air exchange according to your selected idling speed and grow room temperature, only switching to full speed when suitable conditions need restoring (e.g. if it's too hot). Given that UK temperatures often range from one extreme to another, the need for a flexible fan is obvious. Offering convenience, quality and user-friendly controls, PK Temperature Controlled Extractor Fans provide the simplest means of managing temperatures in single light applications. However for multiple intake and outtake fans, we do still recommend using a KlimaVator or Fan Speed Voltage Controller.
  3. Prima Klima Dual Speed Extractor Fans

    Prima Klima Dual Speed Extractor Fans

    Starting at: £74.95

    If you need less extraction during the winter than the summer or have a grow room located nearby to sleeping quarters and want to minimise air noise at the flick of a switch, you're in luck! Each unit from this innovative range of Prima Klima extractor fans features a pair of separate windings that enables you to go between two different running speeds depending on your requirements. Although the level of control on offer is not quite up to the standard of a KlimaVator, you still get a great deal of flexibility in your extraction activities and for a very cost-effective price! Prima Klima Dual Speed Extractor Fans come supplied withn a pre-wired mains lead, a wall mounting bracket and two plastic spigots that give you the option of reducing the outlet diameter when using the lower speed setting.

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