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  1. from £119.95

    Join thousands of other growers who use our bestselling Professional Extraction Kit.

    It’s the most reliable air exchange and odour removal kit around.

    It’s got everything you need to help manage temperatures and regulate CO2 and humidity levels, ultimately leading to bigger yields.

    Your trusty bundle will also help keep mould at bay, eliminate bad odours and remove hot air.

    All parts are tried, tested, trusted and built to last - this clever kit won’t let you down.

    Find out why it’s used by more of our growers than any other kit – get yours today.

    Reliable air exchange and odour removal kit
    Tried, tested and trusted – it’s our bestseller!
    Secure and easy to install
    Regulate CO2 and humidity levels
    • Helps keep temperatures down
    Reduces risk of mould

    You’ll get:

    • 1 x Systemair RVK Extraction Fanpowerful, reliable, runs silently
    • 1 x PK Professional Carbon Filteruses high grade carbon!
    • 1 x 5m Combi Ducting - resistant to temperature and pressures
    • 1 x Quick Release Duct Clip - super secure with worm screw
    • 1 x Fast Clampsnug, no-noise fit

    For more information on each, see ‘The Tech’.

    Choose your Air Flow Rate
    • RVK100A1 Professional Extraction Kit 1 - 184m3/hour
    • RVK125A1 Professional Extraction Kit 2 - 220m3/hour
    • RVK150A1 Professional Extraction Kit 3 - 428m3/hour
    • RVK150L1 Professional Extraction Kit 4 - 720m3/hour
    • RVK200A1 Professional Extraction Kit 5 - 796m3/hour
    • RVK250L1 Professional Extraction Kit 6 - 1080m3/hour
    • RVK315A1 Professional Extraction Kit 7 - 1375m3/hour

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  2. from £64.95

    Climate control can be easy and affordable – the German made RVK Systemair Extractor Fans see to that.

    They’re robust, powerful and quiet, yet extremely low cost. You’ll connect and install them in no time at all. It’s no wonder they’re our bestselling fan!

    Believe us, they will not let you down. They’ve been tried and tested time and time again – they’re virtually indestructible with air tight casing! Yours will safely run for 24 hours a day without stopping

    You won’t find a fan this good for such a low cost anywhere else. It’s an absolute must for entry level growers! Experienced growers still swear by them.

    • Designed to run 24/7
    Easily connects to carbon filters and silencers
    • It’s a bestseller!
    • Systemair – a trusted brand
    Quiet with low vibration
    Maintenance-free and highly reliable
    • Ideal as extractor fan and intake fan
    • Integral thermal contacts
    Flexible! Can be installed in any position
    Mounting bracket included

    You will also need:

    • A separate power cable for each fan
    • A carbon filter (extractor only)
    • A suitable length of Ducting
    3 x Quick Release Duct Clips (or 1 x Fast Clamp and 2 x Quick Release Duct Clips)
    2 x Rope Ratchets (recommended)

    Choosing your fan:

    • Use one fan to draw air out of your grow room.
    • Use air vents or a second, smaller RVK extractor fan to draw air in.

    Please see ‘The Tech’ to work out which size fans you need.

    Choosing a Carbon Filter:

    To remove foul odours, you need to use a carbon filter with your extractor fan. Make sure your carbon filter’s spigot/flange size is the same as that in your extractor fan. Here are the carbon filters compatible with each fan:

    100mm (4") RVK100 A1 Extractor Fan - 184m3/hour: CF160 or BF160
    125mm (5") RVK125 A1 Extractor Fan - 220m3/hour: CF240 or BF240
    150mm (6") RVK150 A1 Extractor Fan - 428m3/hour: CF360 or BF360
    150mm (6") RVK150 L1 Extractor Fan - 720m3/hour: CF680 or BF680
    200mm (8") RVK200 A1 Extractor Fan - 796m3/hour: CF800 or BF800
    250mm (10") RVK250 L1 Extractor Fan - 1080m3/hour: CF1000 or BF1000
    315mm (12.5") RVK315 A1 Extractor Fan - 1375m3/hour: CF1300 or BF1300

    Try a Complete Kit:

    To make life easy, try a complete Eco Extraction Kit. You don’t have to work anything out – kits comes with an RVK Extraction Fan, a Power Cable a PK Eco Carbon Filter, 5m Combi Ducting and 3 x Quick Release Duct Clips

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  3. from £104.95

    Make air exchange and odour removal easy & affordable…try our Eco Extraction Kit.

    Your clever kit will continually remove stale, damp, hot, CO2 depleted air, making room for fresh, CO2 rich air.

    It’ll also remove bad odours, help prevent high heats and keeps humidity under control.

    You don’t need to work anything out – this kit’s got you covered for an unbeatable priceThe result? Consistently high yields.

    Your smart bundle’s reliable, easy to install and features our bestselling German-made RVK fans. Don’t dither – it’s a no brainer. Get yours today.

     Keeps CO2 levels high and constant
    ✔ Regulates humidity levels
    ✔ Keeps moulds & pests at bay
    ✔ Great for temperature control
     Excellent odour removal - high grade carbon filter included 
    ✔ Easy to install - ducting & clips included
    ✔ Robust & lightweight German made RVK fan
    ✔ Reliable and great value for money

    Kit Contains

    • 1 x RVK Extraction Fan - powerful and reliable
    • 1 x PK Eco Carbon Filter - uses high grade, virgin carbon
    • 1 x 5m Combi Ducting - flexible and durable ducting
    • 3 x Quick Release Duct Clips – connects ducting to your fan and filter

     Quiet, Powerful  Extractor Fan
    Remove hot, stale, CO2 depleted air with a quiet, powerful German-made RVK Extractor Fan (4m power cable included). They're light yet robust, with a fibreglass and plastic casing. You can power yours from a household electrical supply or connect it to a controller. It's been a bestseller since 1994 - you can rely on them.

     Excellent Odour Removal
    To remove all odours, you get an Eco Carbon Filter (life of 9 months). It uses pellets of pure, virgin, high grade compressed carbon. These pellets are the perfect size for free air flow while still removing odours. It doesn’t restrict air flow through your fan - other ‘lighter’ options simply can’t compete.

     Tough, Airtight Ducting
    To easily connect your carbon filter to your extractor fan, you get combi ducting. It’s strong, airtight & resistant to grow room temperatures and pressures.

    Everything in this kit's been hand picked by us - you know it's reliable. You also get foolproof GroWell illustrated instructions with your kit.

     Super Secure Connections
    You get 3 x Quick Release Duct Clips in your kit. Use these to connect your ducting to your extractor fan and carbon filter. They use tightly woven worm screws to keep all connections secure.

    Choose your Air Flow Rate

    • RVK100A1 Eco Extraction Kit 1 - (184m3/hour) - Up to 1 x 400W light
    • RVK125A1 Eco Extraction Kit 2 - (220m3/hour) - Up to 1 x 600W light
    • RVK150A1 Eco Extraction Kit 3 - (428m3/hour) - Up to 2-3 x 600W lights
    • RVK150L1 Eco Extraction Kit 4 - (720m3/hour) - Up to 4 x 600W lights
    • RVK200A1 Eco Extraction Kit 5 - (796m3/hour) - Up to 4-6 x 600W lights
    • RVK250L1 Eco Extraction Kit 6 - (1080m3/hour) -  Up to 6-8 x 600W lights


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  4. from £49.95


    If you need less extraction during the winter than the summer or have a grow room located nearby to sleeping quarters and want to minimise air noise at the flick of a switch, you're in luck! Each unit from this innovative range of Prima Klima extractor fans features a pair of separate windings that enables you to go between two different running speeds depending on your requirements. Although the level of control on offer is not quite up to the standard of a GSE Fan Controller, you still get a great deal of flexibility in your rate of extraction and for a very cost-effective price! Prima Klima Dual Speed Extractor Fans come supplied with a pre-wired mains lead and a wall mounting bracket.

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