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Extraction Filtration Kits

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  1. Isomax Extraction-Filtration Kits

    Isomax Extraction-Filtration Kits

    Starting at: £399.95

    Due to the overwhelming popularity of Isomax Acoustic Fans, we've put together a selection of handy kits that will provide you with everything needed to set up an effective extraction system. In addition to your choice of these air-moving maestros, you can expect to find the matching Premium Carbon Filter, a fast clamp, 2 duct clips, a carbon filter hanging kit and 5m of ducting.
  2. GroWell Complete Extraction-Filtration Kits

    GroWell Complete Extraction-Filtration Kits

    Starting at: £149.95

    These all in one kits include everything you need for a complete extraction/filtration system. Each kit features an RVK Extractor Fan and mounting bracket, a matching Carbon Filter, 2 Exolux Rope Ratchets, a 4m electrical cable with fitted plug, a fast clamp, 2 duct clips and 5m of ducting. Acoustic Kits come complete with acoustic ducting for reduced noise levels. Full instructions supplied.
  3. Budget Extraction/Filtration Kits

    Budget Extraction/Filtration Kits

    Starting at: £109.95

    Adequate air exchange and odour removal in even the smallest of grow rooms can be an expensive game, but our Budget Extraction/Filtration Kits will solve that problem for you! Everything you need is included for a fantastically low price! Based around our Budget Carbon Filters and ever reliable Systemair RVK Extractor Fans, these complete kits are incredible value in anyone's book.

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3 Item(s)

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