CO2 Bottled Gas Regulator

CO2 Bottled Gas Regulator

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CO2 Bottled Gas Regulator

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If you want to introduce CO2 into your grow room (necessary for closed loop set ups) and have bottled gas, all you need is a CO2 controller to manage the supply and the product we’re looking at here – a CO2 Regulator – to distribute it.

Plants require a lot more carbon dioxide than can be found in the air of an enclosed growing space. Without any additional input of CO2, the rate of photosynthesis and subsequent growth will slow quite dramatically (an intake fan and/or vents does help for tents and normal grow rooms – although these still fail to create the optimum conditions).

By fixing the CO2 Regulator to a bottle of growth gas and then wiring it up to a CO2 controller (we recommend the Maxi Controller), you are able to provide a safe and reliable flow of carbon dioxide at 17 litres per minute. It is a quality, easy to use device that really could make all the difference to your growing fortunes when other key environmental factors such as temperature and humidity have been successfully mastered. Nice!

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