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Carbon Filters

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  1. Carbon Filter Fabric Sleeves

    Carbon Filter Fabric Sleeves

    Starting at: £5.50

    Each carbon filter we supply is fitted with a fabric sleeve to protect the activated charcoal granules from airborne dust which can reduce its useful life. Ideally you should replace these sleeves every 3 - 6 months with a new one as they become clogged up and dirty. Only for use with Premium Quality Carbon Filters.
  2. Carbon Filter Refilling Service

    Carbon Filter Refilling Service

    Starting at: £29.95

    Instead of discarding your old Carbon Filters every 12 months why not bring them down to us for a refill? If your carbon filter is in good condition you can take away an already pre-refilled replacement immediately. If it is damaged or modified then we will have to refill your filter - usually taking about 5 days (don't worry, we'll call to let you know). Stringent quality control applies. Every refilled carbon filter comes complete with a brand new fabric sleeve and is refilled with 'original quality' charcoal. Budget Filters are non-refillable. Maximum of 2 refills per filter.
  3. Exolux Rope Ratchet Heavy Duty Hangers

    Exolux Rope Ratchet Heavy Duty Hangers

    Starting at: £9.95

    Positioning even the largest carbon filter or reflector just got a whole lot easier thanks to these outstanding Exolux Rope Ratchet Hangers. Looking like miniature pieces of mountaineering equipment, the ratchets enable you to lift even the heaviest of carbon filters and reflectors into place without having to call in a friend for help. Simply ensure you have strong enough ceiling fixings (such as hook plates) and these superb little devices will hook on. You then loop the support ropes around your filter or reflector hanging accessories and pull away! 2 hangers per pack. 34kg load capacity per hanger (68kg per pair).
  4. Premium Quality Carbon Filters

    Premium Quality Carbon Filters

    Starting at: £59.95

    Unwanted odours are one of the biggest challenges the indoor gardener faces today. Whether you are growing chilli peppers, orchids or your favourite herbs and spices, grow room odours and plant smells can become a problem. The best way to deal with this is to use a Carbon Filter. Our Premium Quality range of Prima Klima Carbon Filters are the best money can buy - completely eliminating all airborne smells associated with your crop. To set-up an effective extraction/filtration system you simply need to suspend a carbon filter from your grow room ceiling with chains or rope ratchets and attach it to the intake of an RVK Extractor Fan. Air is then drawn through your carbon filter - which contains activated granules of charcoal to absorb and eliminate the airborne odour - before being extracted outside. Our Premium Quality Carbon Filters are simple, effective and thoroughly recommended if you're at all concerned about unwanted odours! See the product listings below to find out which carbon filters match which RVK Extractor Fans

    Please note that Prima Klima carbon filters are the same brand that we have been selling since we first opened up in 1994 - they are one of the few brands of filter that use the correct premium grade air filtration pelletised carbon. Other brands out there claiming to be super lightweight etc are using water filtration carbon that can cause a significant loss in extraction rate and damage your fans. Prima Klima have proven over many, many years and thousands of filters sold to be super reliable and extremely well built. We never have returns of these filters, and they never damage extractor fans. Trust the experience of all of our customers when we say that these are the best value, best performing filter that money can buy.

  5. Budget Carbon Filters

    Budget Carbon Filters

    Starting at: £34.95

    Budget Carbon Filters are a more economic version of our standard filter range, offering equal odour removing performance but with a shorter lifespan. Designed to last up to 9 months, Budget Carbon Filters work in exactly the same way as a standard filter - connecting to one of our RVK Extractor Fans and using activated charcoal to filter out unwanted odours.

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