Air movement fans

Air movement fans

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    Stop hot, humid, stale pockets of air from forming & help control your temperature with a KlimaCool Air Circulator Fan – every grow room should have one!

    They have a powerful motor. For precision, they have 3 speed settings. You can easily point them wherever you like, thanks to the adjustable tilt head.

    They're by far the best ones for treating the air that directly surrounds your plants since they're so low level. 

    To save space, your fan’s suitable for wall mounting and floor standing.

    They’re easy to use – with simple rotary controls. No assembly’s needed – your KlimaCool’s ready to use out the box.

    • Prevent stale pockets of air from forming
    Cool hot spots - tilt head makes this easy
    • Precision - 3 speed settings
    Powerful motor – move masses of air easily
    Easy to use with rotary controls
    Simple to set up – no assembly’s needed
    • Suitable for floor standing or wall mounting

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    Keep the temperature, humidity & CO2 level uniform and constant with a Smart Gro Pedestal Fan.

    The base is solid! It won’t bend, buckle or snap, unlike the wobbly legs on some oscillating fans. Better yet, you can adjust the fan height as plants grow.

    You can point itat lights & chillers to help prevent stale, hot, humid pockets of air from forming - the adjustable head's perfect for it!

    Plant stems will really thicken with all that air movement! You’re mimicking outdoor conditions where plant stems move gently in the breeze and toughen up.

    Prevents stale, hot pockets of air from forming
    Tilt the head towards lights and chillers
    Adjust the head height as plants grow (from 75cm to 100cm)
    Solid circular base that won’t buckle, bend or snap
    16" blades and 3 speed settings

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    Every little helps when it comes to air movement during summer and these surprisingly effective clip on fans will be a welcome addition to many grow rooms. Perfect for providing air movement in awkward spots or for pointing directly at your reflector from tricky angles, these small fans can have quite a noticeable impact on growing conditions. Not only that, because they are clip on they dont take up any valuable grow room floor space. Highly recommended and fantastic value!

    Want to get the most out of your clip-on fan? Here's an article with top tips from the experts!

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