Ecothrive Charge - TEST

Ecothrive Charge - TEST

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Ecothrive Charge - 1 Litre

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Ecothrive Charge - 5 Litre

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Ecothrive Charge - 10 Litre

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Get explosive yields with a flowering booster than will never rot - SHOGUN Sumo Active Boost.

It won't ferment, foam or froth in any tank or system. EVER. No matter what your nutrient temperature or oxygen level.

  • Drives shoot growth, flowering & bud formation
  • You get bigger plants with lush, greener leaves
  • Stable - will never rot, ferment or foam

The seaweed extract that sometimes ferments is kept stable in an emulsion. 

It's bold, and it works. Nothing else is as stable .

Dilution Rate

Root Feed (flowering)
Foliar spray (flowering)

How to Use

Since it contains an emulstion, shake before use.

Apply as a root feed from the start of your flowering until harvest. 

As a foliar application, spray once at the start of flowering and again 28 days later. The recommended pH for foliar application is 5 - 7.

100% stable in tanks

The seaweed extract that can sometimes ferment is kept in an emulsion. This keeps it stable, even if your feed becomes too warm or your oxygen levels become too high.

Up to 10% weight increase

Your plants' metabolism increases, and they can absorb more of the nutrients and water needed to pack on the pounds.

Extra Flowering Sites

All of the auxins & cytokinins encourage apical growth & cell division. As a result, shoot growth & flower set formation increases.

Bigger, Greener Leaves

With the larger, greener leaves, plants can synthesize more carbohydrates! Expect to get lush, healthy plants.

More Terpenes & Essential Oils

You'll get fuller fruit & flowers that smell and taste better.

Increases Nutrient Uptake & Photosynthesis

In short, plants get water & nutrients quicker. As a result, they become healthier and better able to resist pests and diseases.

Contains Growth Hormones

That's triacontanol, auxin, cytokinin & brassinosteroids, to drive flowering, growth, bud formation & essential oil production.  

Strengthens Plants

Plants produce secondary metabolites (like resin & terpenes) that protect against harsh climates.


The Science


Find out why everyone’s raving about Ecothrive Charge.

It’s a 100% organic, soil and coco enhancer, made entirely from the droppings of organically reared beetles. It’s Soil Association approved for use in growing organic crops.

It’s bursting with beneficial bacteria (450m units per gram!), and contains chitin, to boost resistance to pests and diseases.

You’ll see surges in growth, robust roots and vigorously high yielding plants.

It's fast-acting and easy to apply, thanks to it's sandy texture.

  • Fantastic dilution rate (1 litre of Ecothrive per 50 litre bag of coco or soil)
  • Fantastic balance of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium (NPK – 3/2/3)
  • Boosts and prolongs fertility of potting mix
  • Leads to vigorously high yielding plants - stimulates robust plant growth
  • Immensely improves root zone conditions
  • Boosts resistance to pests, diseases and fungus (contains chitin)
  • 100% organic (Soil Association Approved!)
  • Packed with microorganisms, micronutrients & rhizosphere bacteria
  • Rapid results & easy to apply (thanks to sandy texture)
  • Increases nutrient availability and cycling
  • Can be used as a growth boosting foliar spray (mix with water first)
  • Available in 1 Litre, 5 Litre & 10 Litre tubs

How it works

Ecothrive Charge is insect frass (insect poop), from the larvae of Tenebrio molitor beetles (aka mealworms).

1. It's packed with macro and micronutrients from insect poop.

  • Aids plant growth
  • Leads to strong plants and big yields

2. It has more than 450 million colony forming units of beneficial rhizosphere bacteria per gram (really – it’s been lab tested).

  • Enhances root growth and function
  • Improves nutrient cycling and availability

3. Being insect poop, it contains chitin derivatives, found in large quantities the cell walls of insects:

  • Improves resistance to pests, disease and fungus
  • Leads to surges in growth rates and productivity

The beetle larvae that make Charge are given a strict vegetarian and additive free diet of organic carrot and wheat bran.

This brilliant mix is 100% organic, and is sure to lead healthy and more fruitful crops.

Ecothrive Charge Ecothrive Charge

See it in action

For more videos by Growell, watch our YouTube channel here

Ecothrive Charge

Table example 2

250W Lamps
  Extractor Fan intake intake
1 lamp RVK 100A1 RVK 100A1 RVK 100A1
2 lamps RVK 100A1 RVK 100A1 RVK 100A1
3 lamps RVK 100A1 RVK 100A1 RVK 100A1
4 lamps RVK 100A1 RVK 100A1 RVK 100A1
5 lamps RVK 100A1 RVK 100A1 RVK 100A1
6 lamps RVK 100A1 RVK 100A1 RVK 100A1
7 lamps RVK 100A1 RVK 100A1 RVK 100A1

Table example 3

Max Rated Power vs. Tested 144/80
Nutrient Solution Capacity (L) 50-220L
Water Flow Needed (L/Hr) 200-1000
Recommended Water Pump MJ 1000

How To Use

Potting Mix Base
  • 1. Mix as 1-2% of total volume (1 Litre into 50 Litre of potting mix).
  • 2. For best results, mix thoroughly with the potting substrate, moisten and leave for 24 hours before use.
  • 3. Follow up with top dressings every 4 weeks.
Pot Plants – Top Dressing:
  • 1. Add 0.75-1.5g per litre of potting mix (1 x 20-40ml scoop per 10 Litre pot).
  • 2. Immediately give the pot a good watering after applying a top dressing.
  • 3. Repeat every 4 weeks or as and when the crop needs it.
Pot Plants – Watering In:
  • 1. Add 3-6g per litre of water (1.5-3 x 60ml scoops per 10 Litres of water).
  • 2. Mix thoroughly in the water and water the pot well, being sure to allow for run-off.
  • 3. Repeat every 4 weeks or as and when the crop needs it.
  • 4. Always use de-chlorinated water (if using tap water leave to stand overnight before application).
Foliar Application:
  • 1. Add 1-2g per Litre of water (0.5-1 level teaspoon).
  • 2. Since Ecothrive Charge is not 100% soluble, add to water and stir vigorously for 1 minute, then let it sit for 15 minutes.
  • 3. Repeat mixing once then strain to remove sediment and pour into a spray bottle. Use this ‘extract’ within 24 hours.

Kit Contains



Effectively heat up your indoor grow tents, grow rooms, greenhouses and conservatories with the KlimaHeat tubular heater. With its simple yet effective design and low power consumption, this is an essentional purchase for any grower.

Measures 60cm long.

  • Maintain your grow room temperature within the optimum temperature for plant growth
  • Combat the colder conditions associated with indoor gardening during lights off / at night
  • Support and aid the growth of plants in cooler conservatories
  • Perfect for very small spaces


How to use


Mount Horizontally - Grow room tubular heater
  • Assemble the heater and mount it using the brackets provided and suitable fixings
  • Ensure a plug socket is located nearby
  • Only operate the heater once it has been securely mounted


Grow Room Tubular Heating Floor Mounting Instructions
  • Surfaces other than the one that the grow room heater is attached to should be a minimum distance of 30mm away
Grow room tubular heating Wall Mounting Instructions
  • If attaching to a wall, screw in the two bottom halves of the mounting brackets so that they will hold either end of the heater
  • Also ensure that there's a minimum distance of 200mm between the heater and any shelving placed above it



Target Temperature

Your target temperature should be between 24oC and 28oC (during the day/lights on) and 2-5oC lower (during the night/lights off), depending on what you’re growing.

Temperature control

The grow room heater does not include a thermostat control and should therefore be timer managed - regularly switch it on and off to establish the most suitable conditions. A little experimentation is required, remembering that you'll want to operate the unit for longer spells during the lights off period.



Heater Coverage

   Coverage Area Range
80W KlimaHeat Heater 50cm x 50cm to 75cm x 75cm
800W Oil-Filled Radiator 100cm x 100cm to 150cm x 150cm
2.5kW Oil-Filled Radiator 120cm x 240cm to 300cm x 300cm
2kW Palma Heater  120cm x 240cm to 300cm x 300cm 
How to Use

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250W Lamps
  Extractor Fan intake intake 
1 lamp RVK 100A1 RVK 100A1 RVK 100A1
2 lamps RVK 100A1 RVK 100A1 RVK 100A1
3 lamps RVK 100A1 RVK 100A1 RVK 100A1
4 lamps RVK 100A1 RVK 100A1 RVK 100A1
5 lamps RVK 100A1 RVK 100A1 RVK 100A1
6 lamps RVK 100A1 RVK 100A1 RVK 100A1
7 lamps RVK 100A1 RVK 100A1 RVK 100A1

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