CFL Hobby Reflector

CFL Hobby Reflector

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CFL Hobby Reflector only (mains connection)

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125 Watt Blue Eco-Light complete with CFL Hobby Reflector

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125 Watt Red Eco-Light complete with CFL Hobby Reflector

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The CFL Hobby Reflector is a version of our Hobby Reflector that includes a mains lead and E40 lampholder. Featuring a strengthened lamp support to cope with the additional weight of a CFL lamp and precise angles for optimum light distribution, this great value reflector far outperforms many HID reflectors that have been bodged to accept a CFL lamp. Available as a reflector only or as a complete kit including either a blue or red spectrum Eco-Light CFL Lamp.

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This reflector is ideal for creating an even spread of light from a CFL, but if you are looking for maximum intensity from your CFL's then the Sun Mate Grow CFL Reflector (see the related items below) may be a better option thanks to its closed end design.

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Exceptional value
I ordered this Reflector and Bulb less than 36 hours ago, and it has arrived in the far north east of Scotland already under the standard delivery option. The unit seems very robust and for the price paid, id say that i am one happy customer. Thank you Growell
Review by Pandora / (Posted on 31/10/2012)
Decent with a working lamp!
Decent robust reflector, definitely better than most in the price range. Works great for an area 60*60cm and I can have it 5cm from plant tops with no overheating.
Review by Cousin Naeb / (Posted on 21/08/2012)
Q & A

Questions and Answers (10)

is the cfl reflector self ballast
The CFL reflector is plugged directly into the mains, the CFL bulbs have a ballast built in. We would strongly advise against using any bulb other than a CFL in this reflector.

Written by rome | 6 Jan 2013

Ideally id like to hang my lights as i will be needing to adjust their height frequently. Can I hang this reflector or must it be fixed?
It is possible to hang this reflector using Exolux Ezi-Roll Light Hangers. You can then adjust the height of your reflector simply by pulling it up or down.

Written by MK | 22 Oct 2012

Can Sunmaster Lamps be used with this Reflector?
That depends which "Sunmaster" you mean!! This reflector is suitable for all CFL lamps - one brand of which is called a Sunmaster CFL lamp. It is NOT however suitable for use with HID sunmaster lamps which require a ballast.

Written by Bill | 31 Aug 2012