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  • Close Encounters - Air Cooled Lighting Systems


    Close Encounters - Air Cooled Lighting Systems

    There is no stopping the rise of air cooled lighting systems! Up and down the country grow room temperatures are becoming much more manageable as a direct result of people's experiences with them and this only looks set to continue. Reports confirm air cooled lighting systems produce phenomenal amounts of evenly spread light whilst giving off very little heat - making for close encounters with plant life!

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  • How to identify and eradicate different grow room pests


    How to identify and eradicate different grow room pests

    Although British Summers are notorious for being extremely unpredictable, one constant factor of concern is the barrage of different bugs that will try breaking into your grow room and setting upon plants.

    Applying preventative measures against pests – such as thoroughly cleaning all areas with a disinfectant and carrying out a 5 day check for insects (scan plants for physical damage as well as the actual pests themselves) helps to establish an effective wall of resistance, but what should you do if they still manage to launch a successful invasion?

    First off, don’t panic! Instead take a deep breath, keep calm and use our guide to correctly identify the exact type of bug attempting to devour your crop and the best options for eradicating it.

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